• Daddy Dave is a star on the Discovery Channel show “Street Outlaws” and is known for his risky and fast-paced street racing.
• He was born Dave Comstock in Oklahoma City in 1973, and his parents provided him with his first car.
• He was featured on the show “Pinks” and later the Discovery Channel show “Street Outlaws”.
• He owns a string of auto-repair shops and has an estimated net worth of over $1 million.
• He is married to Cassie Comstock with whom he has two daughters.


Daddy Dave has been consumed by the allure of streetlights and the sound of revving cars on dark nights. A star on the Discovery Channel show “Street Outlaws”, he has been able to turn his passion for street racing into a career, an opportunity that Dave knew was just too great to pass up. Dubbed ‘King of the Streets’, Dave is well known for his appearance in the show and his portrayal of the risky, fast-paced light of a street racer. However, there is more to Dave than meets the eye, as he is a married man and runs a car repair shop.

It is not surprising that there would eventually be rumors of his death – street racing has a reputation for risky driving and dramatic accidents.

Early Life and Family

Daddy Dave was born as Dave Comstock on 4 April 1973, in Oklahoma City, USA. It was Dave’s parents – Peter and Marge Comstock – who provided him with his first car. After getting his driver’s license at the age of 16 in 1989, he transitioned into street racing almost immediately. Although he began in a 1978 Chevy Impala, a clear underdog in the racing world, his driving prowess allowed him to begin winning races and building a reputation for himself.



Despite spending years street racing, “Pinks” was Daddy Dave’s first big breakthrough. A predecessor to Discovery Channel’s show “Street Outlaws”. “Pinks explored the culture of street racing in a highly controlled environment. The name of the show was derived from the slang term “Racing for pinks.”, a term that refers to the title deeds of a document being the stakes of the race. Dave appeared in the show in 2009. There is very little information regarding the cast of the show, making Dave’s progress and performance on the series unclear. It was around this time that Dave met his future co-star, Justin Shearer.

Daddy Dave

“Street Outlaws”

After the structured and controlled environment of “Pinks”, this show came as quite a turning point in media portrayal of drag racing. The show premiered on 10 January 2013, and is based in Oklahoma. The show prides itself on having a cast that appears on the notorious ‘list’ – an underground list of the most elite names in the racing business. Having met Justin Shearer (Big Chief), Dave fitted in immediately, and was dubbed ‘King of the Streets’.

Daddy Dave initially drove a 1996 GMC Sonoma S10 Pick-up truck, affectionately referred to as “Goliath”.

As is the reality with street racing cars, Goliath was equipped with gizmos and upgrades that changed it from an industrial-model vehicle to a streamlined racing artwork. The risks are high in this sport, but Dave was amply compensated, both with race winnings and the sponsorship of a construction mogul, Jackie Knox, who funded and supported Dave until tragedy stuck in 2015.

Did Daddy Dave from “Street Outlaws” Die?

The short answer: no, but it was an extremely close call. In 2015, Dave had set up for a street race on the Amarillo Dragway in Texas driving Goliath, which was valued at $150,000.

Only seconds into the race, Dave lost control of his vehicle which slammed into a wall which threw it into a series of six flips. Fortunately, they were able to extricate him from the wreck and rush him to the hospital for treatment. Rumors began to circulate that he had perished in the crash, but he managed to hang on and eventually recover from a broken shoulder, bruised lungs, a severe concussion, and other minor injuries.

Goliath 2.0

Although he did not lose his life, this was a turning point in the star’s career, as it marked the end of his funding by Knox.

With Goliath decimated, he set out to acquire a new vehicle, spending hours in his auto-repair shop working on Goliath 2.0. When he returned to the streets, it was in a 1963 Chevy Nova that had been outfitted with a twin-turbo setup, racing engine, and Proline 481x.

Auto Shops

Daddy Dave owns a string of auto-repair shops branded as Comstock Auto Service. His stores are heavily endorsed by BendPak, as Dave cites them as being his go-to equipment and tool manufacturers. The stores are toted as doing excellent work, and delivering stellar services without any “Showboating or grandstanding to be found.” – high praise for a celebrity store.

Personal Life

Strangely enough, Daddy Dave is said to have earned his nickname for having had multiple children with different women. Although there is no concrete evidence of these relationships, this piece of trivia is widely regarded as fact. However, even if true, those days ended for Dave when he married Cassie Comstock on 1 March 2013. The two now have had two daughters, and have done an excellent job of raising them away from the media. Cassie urged Dave to abandon street racing after the trauma of his accident, but soon realized that this was too ingrained in Dave’s life to ever be stopped.


Daddy Dave has a spare build with a slim, lanky figure, although just 5ft 7ins (1.72m) tall. He has dark brown hair and a little bit of a beard, beginning to show signs of grey. He has pale green eyes and has shown a remarkable recovery since the crash, appearing whole and healthy.

Net Worth and Salary

If street racing does not sound particularly lucrative, just think about the funds that are required to transform everyday vehicles into high-speed machines. Daddy Dave alsdo receives a salary of $20,000 per episode of “Street Outlaws” alone, and that is not to mention his income from other business ventures such as his auto-repair shops and merchandise sales. All this being taken into account, it is unsurprising that Daddy Dave has an impressive net worth estimated at over $1 million, a figure that is only growing in time.

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