• Demetria Obilor is a self-employed TV personality born in 1991 in Kansas City, Missouri.
• She graduated from the University of Kansas in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism.
• She worked at KUJH-TV, Carter Broadcast Group, KHSB-TV, 8 News Now/KLAS-TV, and WFAA.
• She is now self-employed and a self-proclaimed media-personality, with a net worth estimated at over $200,000.
• She has modeled and hosted various events.


Why did Demetria Obilor leave WFAA?

Demetria Obilor is a self-employed TV personality, who sent giant waves through the community with her reaction to being a victim of body-shaming. Her career follows an upward trajectory, and she is well sought over and admired. She has a large online presence, and has an expansive interest in pop-culture and trends.

Early life and Family

Demetria was born on the 29th of March 1991 in Kansas City, Missouri USA, to a family with a colorful ethnic background. Her father is of Nigerian descent, and her mother comes from a Russian-Lithuanian-German line. She has three brothers – Uzoma, Ikenna and Kelechi. It was probably her childhood experiences that gave rise to her love of Halloween. Her family moved to Springs Valley in 2005, when she was 14 years old where she attended and graduated high school before beginning her career and studying.

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Educational Background

Demetria attended Johnson County Community College in 2009 but transferred to the University of Kansas in 2010. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism. Demetria did not wait until she had graduated to begin her career, but during her tenure at the University of Kansas, she worked as the Kansan Update Correspondent, bringing top-news and stories to the students through the local campus paper.



Determined from the start, Demetria wasted no time in getting her career off the ground. While still in university, she also worked at the KUJH-TV news, in an entry-level job that corresponded with her studying. She did work such as operating switch and audio boards. She also began her writing career, assisting in writing scripts and crawls.

She also got the opportunity to record live sports event coverage. She continued working for KUJH throughout 2012 where she presented stories, and contributed to graphic design and product imaging. That year she also enjoyed a place as a radio host for KJHK. This allowed her to express her vibrant personality, as she discussed relevant issues, took calls and managed the “Breakfast for Beat Lovers” program.

Carter Broadcast Group

Demetria worked as an intern on Hot 103 Jamz, a short internship that only lasted from June 2012 to August 2012, but this allowed her to expand her skill set, writing scripts for DJs, contributing to competition ideas and strategies.

She also began to make more contacts within the community when she attended promotional events.

Production Technician

She spent the years 2012 to 2013 working on news sets, operating equipment, assisting with direction and prompting. She also utilized her writing abilities to compile stories for various web clients.


This was the era when Demetria’s reputation took off – she became well-recognized as a traffic reporter, collecting data from the public and compiling information into a comprehensive format, useful graphics and in some cases articles. She also displayed her social media prowess, generating a twitter following for the company from scratch.

8 News Now / KLAS-TV

Demetria continued in a similar vein, working as a traffic-anchor. She hosted her own, highly popular segment entitled “What’s driving you crazy?” as well as branching out to reporting on popular social media trends. This was one of her longest-lasting jobs, spanning the period between July 2014 and October 2017.

Traffic Ensemble Anchor / WFAA

Most recently, Demetria hosted “IMSTILLUP” for WFAA, as well as working as a news anchor and continued her forays into social media reporting. It was during her work her (October 2017 to October 2019) that she became the focus of a body-shaming scandal. Demetria Obilor does not conform to the narrow confines of accepted beauty in the modeling industry. This resulted in her being attacked by the more narrow-minded in society, who couldn’t comprehend unconventional beauty.

Demetria Obilor

She did maintain her poise when responding to the attacks, saying on Instagram in a post – ‘A quick word to those people: This is the way that I’m built, this is the way that I was born, so if you don’t like it, you have your options.’

She then thanked all those who had come to her defense. Instead of shelving the issue, she became an active advocate for a positive body-image, and utilized her platform to discuss pertinent issues such as racism and discrimination. This led to her blazing her way across several news stations including Good Morning America, Cosmopolitan, The View and BBC as well as several audio platforms, and also resulting in her achieving a place among the members of the “Woke 100” list compiled by Essence Magazine. All the reasons behind her departure from WFAA are not readily available – there are whispers of dissent among managers and directors – but the reason she presented to the pubic was a desire to pursue new avenues and opportunities.

Overall, these whispers appear to be no more than malicious rumors, and her motivation is career motivating.

Media Personality

Demetria is now self-employed and a self-proclaimed media-personality, as of early 2020 spending her time with family and waiting for the next opportunity to present itself.

Personal life and dating

While she boasts of various affairs and relationships – even posing as a love guru – Demetria keeps her relationships well out of the public domain. She seldom appears with her boyfriend at events and is unmarried. Very little information is available about her relationships, most likely she does not wish to expose her loved ones to the ravages of social media.

Salary and Net worth

While working at WFAA, Obilor received a salary of approximately $83,000 yearly. Now that she is self-employed her salary isn’t readily available to the public. Her net worth as of early 2020 is estimated at over $200,000.

Physical Characteristics

Demetria stands at approximately 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall and weighs around 136lbs (62kgs). She keeps her hair in immaculate condition in a frizzy shoulder-length style that gives accurate expression to her vivacious personality. Her eyes are brown as well. She has a very definite style, that she employs to best emphasize her beautiful natural features.

Other Experiences


Aside from her work on broadcasting platforms, Demetria Obilor also played around with some modeling when living in Los Vegas, and participated in the Les Vegas’ Container Park fashion Show. Ultimately, she won the grand prize as well the Peoples’ choice award. However, her overwhelming passion for journalism led her to abandon this area of work and return to Dallas after three years in Las Vegas.

Event Hosting

Demetria has hosted a whole variety of events, giving her time to schools as well as broadcasting arenas. She hosted the BIBO awards in 2015, Mac Donalds Green for Grads event in Las Vegas, and various other school events.

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