Who is Mandy Hansen?

Mandy Hansen was born in 1996, in the United States of America. She is a fisherman, reality television personality, and substitute captain, also known for being the step-daughter of reality television star Sig Hansen. The father-daughter duo has been a regular part of the Discovery Channel show “Deadliest Catch”, with her father being with the show since its inception.

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The Net Worth of Mandy Hansen

As of early-2020, Mandy Hansen’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned largely through a successful career in fishing. Crab, mackerel, and cod fishing are some of the most lucrative endeavors they work on.

She probably benefits from the success of her father as well, as Sig has a net worth estimated to be over $3 million.

Family and Early Life

Mandy grew up in a family of fishermen, with their ancestry going back to fishermen from Norway. Her great grandfather and grandfather helped pioneer fishing for the opilio crab species in Alaska. Before the popularization of opilio crab fishing, crab boats often only had a season for fishing late in the year but this new way meant that they could fish all-year-round. Today, crab fishermen in Alaska can spend up to 10 months at sea each year depending on their catch.

She was also exposed to having some parts of her life in front of the camera with both her parents being involved with the reality series “Deadliest Catch”. The show’s premise is that crab fishing can be one of the world’s most deadly professions due to the environment, harsh weather conditions, and difficulty required of the job. Statistics have shown that injury and even death can be frequent news when it comes to the job. The show follows several boats and crews as they try to make the most out of the fishing season, hoping to come out on top in terms of earnings.

Mandy Hansen

Education and Fishing Career

Mandy grew up alongside a sister – both of them were adopted by Sig when he married their mother June. The sisters have a half-sibling, from an earlier marriage of their father. With their father’s passion for fishing, both of them learned skills such as tendering at a young age. Unlike her sister, Mandy wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and after completing a degree in college, she enrolled at a Maritime Academy.

She wanted to prove that she was skilled and knowledgeable so that the other crew members would acknowledge her.

Before completing her education, she had served as a deckhand with her father, and been featured sporadically on “Deadliest Catch” since her childhood. She then became a full-time member of her father’s crew, and has been a consistent presence on television since. There was even one occasion where she took the captain job from her father who was suffering from a few health issues.

Father – Sig Hansen

Sig started learning the craft of fishing during his early teens, serving on his father’s boat as a deckhand. He worked his way up the ranks over the years, before becoming a relief skipper.

The skipper’s job is to take over the captain’s role in short fishing seasons when the captains take a break. This developed his skills in leadership, and he became a skilled captain full-time when he reached the age of 24. One of his biggest achievements is his crew’s safety, with the Northwestern reporting the lowest rate of injury during his tenure.

He prioritized safety and lessening risk, and this led to no deaths for over two decades before he joined “Deadliest Catch”. Due to his experience and his skills with safety, he became a technical advisor and producer of the show, joining his wife who also has television experience.

He also holds the records for the highest earnings and the heaviest overall catch in the show. Later on, he wrote an autobiographical book that reached the New York Times bestseller list. He also became a consistent pres,ence on television, even expressing a desire to appear in “Dancing with the Stars” though he has yet to be selected. He’s appeared on “The Celebrity Apprentice” as a contestant and lent his voice for the animated film “Cars 2”.

Sig Hansen’s Health Concerns and Controversies

Working as a captain can be a very stressful job and Sig couldn’t always maintain very healthy practices while at sea.

He even admitted to a diet primarily consisting of coffee and chocolate, while he used cigarettes to de-stress onboard. This led his overall health to decline, and in 2016, he suffered a heart attack which was even recorded during an episode of “Deadliest Catch”. He took a break for a season, recovering from the disease before returning to filming the following year. This was not the end of his troubles, however, as during 2018 he suffered a second heart attack. At this point, production was very concerned about his health and he had to undergo many checkups before returning to the field (or water). This has led to rumors of him retiring, though he has not expressed any intention to do so.

Apart from his health problems, he’s also been known for drinking a lot of alcohol from time to time. On one occasion, he was arrested following an altercation with an Uber driver for which he was charged with misdemeanor assault. He had to pay fines and undergo community service as ordered by the court.

Personal Life

Mandy met fisherman Clark Pederson while both were working on the Northwestern. He was a relatively new fisherman at the time, but it didn’t stop them from developing a closeness which would lead to a romance. Since then, he’s worked for other ships but has remained as a consistent member of Sig Hansen’s crew in “Deadliest Catch”.

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While her father initially agreed to their relationship, there was a point when he became really mad after Pederson joked about getting her daughter pregnant.

The two married in 2017 in a traditional Norwegian wedding. Most of Mandy’s family wore traditional clothes and she was even given a Kransekake, a traditional cake translated as Princess Cake. In 2019, she shared that she suffered a miscarriage while working as a captain for the Northwestern. The stress and hardships of being at sea may have significantly affected her body leading to the tragic event. She has received a lot of support following her breaking out the news of what happened on social media.

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