Corin Nemec has become a household name over the last 50 years. Very little is known about his personal life, but with a large amount of information on his career you can surmise that the career he has worked so hard for is the only thing he wants to be remembered for.

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Early Life

On 5 November 1971 Joseph Charles Nemec 1V professionally known as Corin Nemec was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. His mother was a painter, poet, writer and graphic artist, and his father Joseph Charles Nemec lll worked as a set and production designer in the film industry.

Anastacia C. Nemec, his older sister is also in the film industry, working as an assistant director. As a child Coren was nicknamed Corky by this grandmother, which ultimately lead to his stage name

Early Education

There is no information on Nemec’s education – it’s not known whether he went to college or even finished high school.

Career – Acting

Nemec’s inspiration to pursue acting came at the age of thirteen after watching “The Goonies”, a film his father had worked on as the art director.

He has also said that he was very inspired by his parent’s jobs, and they played a major influence on his choice to begin acting. He has also said that after growing-up in his family, going into movies just ‘seemed the right thing to do.’

After training and performing at one of The Centre Stage LA theatre companies’ talent showcases, he was signed to an agent was booked him to several high-profile commercials, one of which was for internationally known car brand Suzuki. He went on to make a guest appearance in “Side Kicks”, a television show that starred Ernie Reyes who to this day is still one of Nemec’s close friends.

Nemec’s first major role was in 1988 in the film “Tucker: The Man and His Dream”, continuing with several roles in a few television series. His portrayal of Steven Stayner in “I Know My First Name is Steven” earned him an Emmy Nomination, and two years later he appeared in “Solar Crisis”, a feature film starring Peter Boyle, Charlton Heston and Jack Palance.

From 1990-1993 Corin starred in “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”, as well as in the adaption of Stephen Kings ‘The Strand’ as Harold Lauder.

A very notable role in Nemecs career was in 1997, when he was cast in “Goodbye, America”, and in the same year he also appeared alongside Jeanne Tripplehorn in “My Brother’s Keeper”, and in “Blackout” next to Jane Seymour.

Corin has also made guest appearances in a few very well-known series, such as “Crime Scene Investigation”, “Ghost Whisperer”, and “Smallville”. He was also be cast as infamous serial killers Ted Bundy in “Bundy: a Legacy of Evil”, and Richard Speck “Chicago Massacre”, adding to his already very impressive resume.

Corin Nemec

Career – Music

Acting is not the only thing that Corin has tried his hand a – in 1990 he had a brief encounter with hip-hop music, when he recorded an album with musical group Starship of Foolz, one of the members being Shane Mooney, the son of famous comedian Paul Mooney.

Boating Accident

In the January of 2013 Nemec was involved a serious boating accident. While being transported to the set of “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” by the Coast Guard, their boat hit the partially submerged barge. Nemec was rushed to the hospital after being thrown from the boat, breaking his leg in three places and loosing over half of his blood and was immediately taken into surgery.

Corin told a local news station that ‘It was one of the first times in my life where I actually didn’t think I was going to survive something.’

Relationship Status

In 1992 while Corin was still making a name for himself he was reported to be dating actress Drew Barrymore. Barrymore was born on 22 February 1975, and is an actress, producer, director, model and entrepreneur. She first became famous as a young child when she appeared in Steven Spielberg’s “E.T”. As an adult she went on to star in some big-name films such as “50 First Dates”, “Charlies Angels”, “Never Been Kissed” and “Music and Lyrics”.

Drews celebrity status definitely didn’t hurt Nemec’s career – if anything it helped to propel him further in the spotlight. Nemec was married to Jami Nemec from 2002 – 2006, and the couple share two children together, daughter Sadie Joy was born in 1993 before the couple married, and Lukas Manu born in 2005 shortly before they filed for divorce.

More recently, in 2011 he was linked to actress Danielle Harris, but since then has not been reported to be dating anyone. Rumours have circulated that he may be homosexual, but he not confirmed any of these rumours.

Net worth

Authoritive sources say that his net worth is over $1.5 million, while also earning a salary from sponsorships and promotions which is estimated to be over $175,000 per year.

Physical characteristics

Corin is 6ft tall and has light brown hair with blue eyes; there is no information on his weight or other measurements.

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