• Charlie Jagow is a TV personality from Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, born in 1998.
• He is the second child of Dawn and Paul Jagow, who lived in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).
• He is an expert on surviving in Alaska, and is the last and youngest permit holder of the ANWR.
• He appears on Discovery Channel’s reality series “The Last Alaskans”.
• He has an estimated net worth of $100,000 as of mid-2020.


Charlie Jagow is an American TV personality, born in 1998 in Fairbanks, Alaska USA. He’s known for appearing in Discovery Channel’s reality series “The Last Alaskans”.

Early Life and Family

Charlie is the second child of Dawn and Paul Jagow. He and his older sister Joanna grew up in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), where his family had been settled for years. He attended Lathrop High School, though there’s no further information about his education.

Although Charlie’s parents are both from New York, their first meeting was in Alaska, where Paul had been living for almost a decade.

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After their marriage in the early 1990s, they moved together to his cabin near Porcupine River, an insulated area in which only seven families lived at the time.

Even though Charlie’s entire family lived up in the mountains, his sister Joanna lived for three years in Fairbanks city, where she attended high school. After her matriculation, she attended University of Alaska in Fairbanks, graduating in 2016 with a Nursing degree. She currently works at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, though she doesn’t forget her beginnings and is still passionate about nature, and is an avid dog racer.

Life in Alaska

It’s not a surprise that despite Charlie Jagow’s young age, he’s an expert on surviving in Alaska. He not only spent his entire childhood living in the wilderness, but he learned how to be a self-reliant person: ‘Living out here has its risks… but I think the risks are worth it.’

Through hunting and fishing, Charlie has been able to sustain himself during the intense winters of the Arctic, and his strong sense of independence led him to build his own cabin at 18 years old. However, despite his many survival skills, he’s not strange to technology, and uses a snow machine for transportation, leaving behind the sled dogs used by his family.

He prefers to fly his plane for long distances, though it’s unknown when he became a certified pilot.

Charlie is the last and youngest permit holder of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, making him able to inhabit the natural sanctuary until permits expire less than 100 years into the future, when no human will be allowed to live in it. These permits were originally given by US government in 1989, as a way to preserve the natural sanctuary and prevent large communities of people living in the mountains. Approval to liveint the refuge was also granted to children of original permit holders, such as Charlie’s father Paul.

Despite having the ability of an experienced adventurer, Charlie keeps himself humble, and is thankful for the experience gained from his elders: ‘Obviously this isn’t an easy lifestyle. The old-timers who trapped and lived this lifestyle thirty, forty, even fifty years. They just had to endure it… so much struggle and effort in the past’.


The Last Alaskans

Charlie was first introduced in “The Last Alaskans” during the show’s second season. The series, which was originally broadcast on Animal Planet and then moved to Discovery Channel, focuses on Charlie and the other residents of ANWR.

Posted by Charlie Jagow on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Although the show’s main focus is educational, it also showcases Alaskan’s landscapes, and tells the story of each of its cast members in a memorable, cinematic way. The production of the series has been keen on communicating the conservation message of the show, while also relaying the values of each family part of the show.

Traditions are also important for viewers of the show, and Charlie is aware of it. That’s why he has been seen honoring the pioneers of wildlife adventures, who set the path he’s walking nowadays: ‘Sometimes out here you can feel like you’re the only one who’s ever experienced going up this drainage, or up this creek, or trapping up this one valley.

But the men that used this cabin are my predecessors, my dad’s predecessors. It’s a lot different day and age now, but in a lot of ways, out here, time is a lot slower. It’s a special thing to see that connection’.

Charlie also admires Bob Harte, one of the region’s pioneers and former fellow cast member of the series who died in 2017 after battling cancer for years: ‘There’s a lot of guys that don’t last in this game but Bob Harte did. I always heard all these crazy stories about boat accidents falling through the ice with the snow machine. And he [Harte] didn’t ever seem to be down about having a really, really bad, hard luck.’

Charlie Jagow

Show Reviews

Although “The Last Alaskans” is a reality series, it has differenciated itself from other shows of the same category, as it doesn’t focus on drama and scripted scenes, and instead showcases each cast member in depth and with authenticity, allowing viewers to witness their journey and legacy.

Hank Stuever of The Washington Post described the series as ‘TV’s purest and most respectful example of what reality television might have been if the genre had a soul’.

He also praised the show’s structure and its ability to catch viewers’ attention in an unexpected way: ‘Each season has followed a set story arc, and it’s somehow surprising to see the episodes are as fresh and uninterrupted as when the show’s cameras first came along’.

Where is Charlie Today? – Died?

Charlie is still alive and with good health. His experience and wide knowledge of outdoors allowed him to fund Double Shovel Outfitter, a small agency dedicated to guide hunters and visitors through Alaska’s wilderness.

Personal Life

There’s no information about Charlie Jagow’s personal life and possible romantic partners. He maintains his private life out of the spotlight, and is not very active on social media.

Net Worth

As a result of his appearances in “The Last Alaskans” and earnings from his work as a guide, Charlie Jagow has an estimated net worth of $100,000, as of mid-2020.

Physical Appearance

Charlie is a slender, young man of white ethnicity. He weighs approximately 140lbs (63kgs), and is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall. His hair is blonde and his eyes green.

Interesting Facts

Charlie’s sister Joanna is an expert on sled dogs, which is her preferred transportation method while in Alaskan mountains.

Joanna has her own dog racing team, which she formed while still in high school. Thanks to her dogs she has won various races such as Two Rivers 100. She also completed a 200 mile race from Dawson City for the Percy DeWolfe. Her crew is known as Motley Crew Kennel, and it accepts donations and sponsoring on its web. Charlie appears on the web as one of the crew members.

In an episode of “The Last Alaskans”, Charlie used an axe to test the ice layer of a river. Although the tactic was not safe, he managed to cross the river safely: ‘Anytime you’re crossing a river for the first time on ice that you can’t visually see is quite solid you need to…you know, take the proper precautions. You gotta have a long pole in case you fall through to help keep you above the ice line so you don’t get washed underneath’.

Fans of “The Last Alaskans” considered Charlie their “TV boyfriend” for his impressive survival abilities, following comments left on the show’s social media accounts: ‘I wanna marry Charlie from The Last Alaskans. A dude who can survive in the cold hard wilderness alone. Jesus what’s more attractive? Nothing.’

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