• Brittany Bristow is an actress known for her work in various Hallmark Channel movies
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $1.4 million
• She began her career in entertainment at age 6, trained at the National Ballet School of Canada, and studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts
• She is a regular cast member of the National Geographic show "Wildlife Quest"
• She is an ambassador for Carley's Angels and enjoys doing charity work in her free time


Who is Brittany Bristow?

Brittany Bristow was born on 8 February 1990, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, and is an actress, known for her work in various Hallmark Channel movies. Some of her most notable performances include “Christmas at the Palace”, “No Sleep ‘Til Christmas”, and “Killer High”. She’s also done a bit of television work during her career.

The Riches of Brittany Bristow

As of early-2020, Brittany Bristow’s net worth is estimated to be over $1.4 million, earned through success in her various acting opportunities. Apart from acting work, she’s also been involved in a lot of behind the scenes opportunities, including scriptwriting, production, cinematography, and the like.

She’s been active in the entertainment industry since 2002 save for a short break during the mid-2000s to pursue her studies.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

Brittany grew up in Toronto, and discovered a passion for acting at a young age, and began auditioning for several opportunities within her country, leading to her first projects at the age of six. She appeared in several national commercials, and then made her debut in a 2002 stage production of “Perfect Pie”, which starred Sonja Smits and Liisa Repo-Martell. It tells the story of childhood friends whose experiences lead them to the way they are as adults, and deals with themes such as child abuse and rape.

Brittany then began appearing as a guest in local programs and did three more film projects, and auditioned for the National Ballet School of Canada as the opportunity presented herself, which she couldn’t pass up. The classical ballet institution is one of two major ballet training centers in the area, and is considered one of the most prestigious in the country in terms of training aspiring professional ballet dancers. She was accepted, and as a result, decided to put her acting career on hold as she trained in the school.

Further Studies and Return to Acting

Bristow completed the ballet training program after a few years, but didn’t actually want to pursue a career in dance, instead returning to acting as she realized it was her true passion.

Brittany Bristow

She moved to the US where there were more opportunities, and went to New York where she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA), a private performing arts conservatory known to help students gain opportunities in the entertainment industry after competent training.

She also sought the help of professional coaches, and was advised to learn more about what goes behind the scenes in films and TV series, and so learned to write scripts, and worked with production crews. She returned home and began taking acting projects once more, leading her to be cast in the film “Saul: The Journey to Damascus”, based in the Bible, telling the story of the conversion of Saul to the Apostle Paul who wrote the majority of the New Testament.

Her work there was a success, for which she won an award during the Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival.

The Hallmark Channel

Eventually Brittany found more consistent work, as she auditioned to be a talent for “The Hallmark Channel”, known for its original programming, consisting of series and films aimed towards families. They often feature programs focused on religion, family values, and a bit of politics, leading it to be an unintended favorite among conservative viewers. The network is also known for promoting talent from Canada, making it even more popular in the country.

One of her first projects for the channel was “Love Blossoms”, and then “Royal Matchmaker”, another Hallmark movie, telling the story of a matchmaker who must find a perfect match for the son of a king, only to find things complicated as she falls in love. Another project she had is “Christmas Next Door”, part of a series of films released for the annual “Countdown to Christmas” holiday event that Hallmark holds in the days leading to Christmas; the film starred Fiona Gubelmann and Jesse Metcalfe, with Bristow having a supporting role.

Recent Projects

In recent years, Bristow has continued her work with Hallmark with some of her most recent projects including “Holiday Date”, “Love, Romance & Chocolate”, and “Christmas at the Palace”.

She’s had work apart from Hallmark, including becoming a main cast member of the show “Rising Suns”. She then found work with the National Geographic Channel, known for its focus on documentaries, often involving history, culture, science, nature and other related programs. It’s been compared to channels such as Discovery and History.

She became a regular cast member of the show “Wildlife Quest”, joining Anga Makubalo as a co-host. In the show, the two travel across South Africa and learn more about the famous animals in the country, including different environments, and for a time focused on the Phinda animal reserve located in KwaZulu Natal; the series is known for its focus on endangered species and baby animals.

Aside from acting, she’s also done a bit of modeling work and has been sponsored by the international retail store based in Toronto Lux Findz. She often markets their wares through sponsored posts on websites such as Instagram.

Personal Life

Brittany is in a relationship, though she doesn’t talk a lot about her partner save for the occasional post with him on special occasions. During her free time, she enjoys doing charity work, and is an ambassador for Carley’s Angels. The organization is known for spreading the awareness of holistic and traditional methods of cancer treatment in Canada. She loves food, particularly chocolate, and finds it challenging to work on set on some of her Hallmark projects because of it. Hallmark often spends a lot on food props, made by really prestigious chefs, though the actors are often not allowed to have a bite until shooting is over.

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