• Brandon Farris was born in the United States in 1991 and is a social media personality and comedian.
• He is known for his Google Translate Sucks! series, where he tries to create food using Google Translate.
• As of early-2020, his net worth is estimated to be over $200,000, earned through his online career.
• His videos often feature Life Hacks, exaggerated stories, comediy skits, reaction videos, horror video games, spoofs and pranks.
• He is in a relationship with social media personality Maria Gloria, and she has a daughter from a previous marriage.


Who is Brandon Farris?

Brandon Farris was born on 5 June 1991, in the United States of America, and is a social media personality as well as a comedian, best known from gaining fame on Facebook through releasing numerous comedy vids. One of his most popular series is called “Google Translate Sucks!”, in which he tries to create food using Google Translate.

The Wealth of Brandon Farris

As of early-2020, Brandon Farris’ net worth is estimated to be over $200,000, earned through a generally successful career online. Apart from his Facebook page, he is also an established YouTuber, combining advertising revenue from his online endeavors with a regular day job to help him build wealth.

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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Brandon was raised by his parents and grew close to his grandfather. At a young age he discovered a strong passion for comedy, but while he enjoyed doing comedy and improvisations, it wasn’t until Facebook became popular that he thought of starting a career in the field. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, being the first of its kind. It allows people to communicate with others, share posts, photos, and many more activities. Over the years, it has integrated various features, and can now function as a messenger and calling app.

People can also create fan pages, groups, and many other projects.

One of his earliest and most popular ideas was to cook using Google Translate. What he did in his videos was get an online recipe, translate it to other languages using Google Translate, then translate it back to English. Then he would try to follow the recipe from the translation, with humorous results.

Finding Success and YouTube

The Google Translate idea proved very popular, and one of the reasons why it worked so well is because it is well-known how unreliable Google Translate is.

It is also a known fact that if you translate one language into another, translating it back yields different sentences altogether compared to what you started with. To that end, Farris usually ended up with barely edible creations. Another reason why the videos became popular was because of his brand of comedy – he often mixed sarcasm, witty comments and improvisation to entertain his audience. Gaining a generally positive response, he continued making videos, with a belief that everyone deserves to laugh.

However, Facebook could only do so much, increasing his popularity but without providing him with a source of revenue.

Because of that, he create a channel on YouTube – it started more like a video blog (vlog) channel, but he later posted the same content on both platforms, mainly because his comedy videos were attracting more views and better responses. In that way he could earn a significant amount, as YouTube allowed its users to earn income through advertising revenue.

Other Comedic Content

While Google Translate vids were a hit, it wasn’t something that he could constantly do, as it would become stale.

Brandon Farris

Brandon eventually released other videos which were also a hit with his followers, following videos that showed Life Hacks, things people could do to make life easier. He often watches the video with some skepticism, showing it to the viewers before deciding to do it himself. It usually ends with him being surprised by how effective the hack is. However, when it doesn’t go as expected, he makes funny remarks and even incorporates the failed hack in the rest of his video.

He also tells exaggerated stories of events that happen to him on a daily basis, or thinks about a comediy skit that he could perform in his car. The videos often have him driving to a specific location while entertainingly telling the story.

While it isn’t as popular as his other videos, some of his viewers enjoyed it, so he kept making them as it was a relatively easy thing to do, and one which took less time.

Expanding Reach and Popularity

Over the years, Farris has gained a significant number of followers who enjoy his style of comedy. One of the reasons they stick by him is because they are not shunned by the comedian – he often communicates with them, gives them updates on his work, and also organizes events where he can meet them. A lot of his fans also give him ideas for videos, and send him packages that contain gifts or other things related to recent videos he’s made.

While he has other types of content, his videos wherein he follows tutorials or videos are his trademark, on one occasion trying to follow a recipe of Chef Gordon Ramsay to comedic effect. People also love his hearing comments and watching his reactions, so he posts reaction videos a lot too. Some of his most popular videos are those of him watching weird or comedic videos. He also plays horror video games as people enjoy his reactions when he gets scared, so he now has millions of followers on both Facebook and YouTube. He also loves doing spoofs and pranks, as well as comedy sketches which often involve him with his girlfriend or friends.

Personal Life

Brandon is in a relationship with social media personality Maria Gloria – the two began dating sometime in 2018 after they started working together in Alaska. She’s been featured in cameo appearances in his videos, but is mainly known for her Instagram page on which she posts about various beauty topics. She also sells merchandise online. She has a daughter from a previous marriage.

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