Who is Duane Lee Chapman II?

Duane Lee Chapman II was born on 21 January 1973, in Pampa, Texas, USA. He is a television personality, bounty hunter, and financial counselor, best known through his work in the television series “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, alongside his father Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman Sr.

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The Net Worth of Duane Lee Chapman II

As of mid-2020, Duane Lee Chapman II’s net worth is estimated to be over $700,000, accumulated through success in his various career endeavors. He earned significant money with his work on television while bounty hunting, as well as his other career projects would help build his wealth. He probably benefits from the success of his father as well, as his father has an estimated net worth of over $6 million.

Early Life, Family, and Career Beginnings

Duane Lee is the eldest of Dog’s children, being born during his first marriage to La Fonda Darnell. He grew up alongside his younger sibling Leland, and after his parents divorced, the siblings became estranged from their father, living with their mother. Their father would later marry four more times, and Duane Lee would gain seven half-siblings which he would later come to know.

Growing up, he was always interested in fame and fortune, but wasn’t so keen on his education. After completing high school, he left home to seek out his father alongside his younger brother.

The two would come to know of Dog and his business working as a bounty hunter, and following in their father’s footsteps, they learned how to become bounty hunters as well, and obtained certification to engage in the job. Bounty hunters or Bail Bondsmen are responsible for hunting people who’ve broken their bail agreements, returning them to jail to serve the remainder of their sentence.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

It was only a matter of time before Chapman’s father, Dog would gain interest due to the family’s unusual business. He was featured as a guest in a segment of “Take This Job”, which featured people with unusual occupations.

Posted by DOG The Bounty Hunter on TV on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

He attracted a lot of attention for his work, and producers saw it as an opportunity, leading to the creation of the show, “Dog the Bounty Hunter”. In the show, he is featured alongside most of his family, include his children and wife, Beth, with the family using various resources at their disposal to catch criminals.

The show was known for its hunts, arrests, the bond of the family, and often their compassion towards criminals, often counseling them to help change their ways. This counseling would later encourage Duane Lee Jr. to look at it as an alternative career as well. The show featured the family progressing over the years, with one of Dog’s children, Lyssa growing up to become a licensed bounty hunter like the rest of the family.

The show has had its issues, with a hiatus that went on due to racist statements, and a gun being fired during an arrest in the sixth season.

Leaving Bounty Hunting and Recent Endeavors

Dog’s eldest sons Duane Lee II and Leland often got into fights with their father. They were the closest siblings, and have worked together on numerous projects, but their father was known to make rash decisions and take action from time to time. Things became heated in 2011 following an issue with work, and Duane Lee Jr threatened to quit his job. With this, Leland followed suit, and the entire ordeal was filmed for television – following their declarations, the two brothers confirmed that they had left the show.

Duane Lee Chapman II

Leland moved to Alabama to start his own bounty hunting business, while Duane Lee did so in Florida, though to a lesser degree. While the family later reconciled, it was only Leland who returned for his father’s next show “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”. Duane on the other hand moved to Colorado, and focused more on working as a financial counselor. He specializes in retirement, and also ventured into writing books. He released an autobiography “You Can Run, You Can’t Hide” which tells stories about his life and work with his father.

Father – Dog Chapman

Following his feature on television, Dog and his family gained national attention for their capture of criminal Andrew Luster.

He is an heir of the cosmetics company Max Factor who became a wanted criminal following the discovery of him raping women while they were drugged. Luster had been on the run for several years when Dog and his sons eventually found him in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, living with a different identity. However, due to the tensions they created with his arrest, they were jailed by the Mexican Police but the arrest was successful. They were freed after negotiations with the US, and Luster was sent to prison to serve 125 years.

The success of the capture is essentially what propelled the family to become a part of “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, which brought him much success, the show running between 2004 and 2012.

After it was canceled, they then moved to a different network, starting the show “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”, which primarily featured him and his wife. After she passed away in 2019 due to throat cancer, he started a new show later on WGN America – “Dog’s Most Wanted” – which started airing shortly after his wife’s death.

Personal Life

Duane Lee Chapman II married Teresa R. Roybal in 1998, and they had a child together but eventually divorced a decade into their marriage. During their time together, he adopted three of her children from a previous relationship.

The couple knew each other from high school, but didn’t start a relationship until they were adults. While the reason for the divorce was never specified, it is believed that infidelity and domestic violence were some of the reasons for the separation; this has never been confirmed or denied. Following their divorce, he began dating Florida-native Michelle Riddle, but later left her to start a relationship with television producer Ana Cordova, which lasted for a few years before they broke up. He also has a son from another unidentified relationship.

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