Bobby Misner:
• Born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 1995
• Model and social media star, known for comedy content on YouTube
• Raised by father Tom Misner, a businessman and record producer
• Actively pursuing acting career, signed with LA agency
• Spends free time at the gym, playing sports and watching movies


Who is Bobby Misner?

Bobby Misner was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 6 May 1995 – his zodiac sign is Taurus and he holds Australian nationality. He is a model, YouTuber and a social media star, who is best known for the comedy content he uploads onto his YouTube channel, as well as for being the son of a multimillionaire.

Many people have accused Bobby of being fake, and it is believed that most people on YouTube dislike him, while Bobby believes that rich kids are looking up to him.

Childhood, dad and education

Bobby was raised alongside his sister Yasmin, by their father Tom Misner who is a businessman, record producer and a sound engineer, who might be known best for having founded the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute which can today be found in 50 cities in 20 countries; nothing is known about Bobby’s mother. The family moved often because of his dad’s work, and in 2008 Bobby started attending a middle school in Munich, Germany, then went to live in London, England where he finished in a boarding school.

He became interested in acting during his teenage years, and soon acting was the first thing he thought of after waking up in the morning. After he told his dad about his dreams and received his support, Bobby started taking acting classes at Pinewood Studios in London, and later moved to Los Angeles in California to pursue his acting career.

Career as a YouTuber and a social media star

Bobby launched his YouTube channel on 24 January 2017, as a way to show his acting skills, his creativity and so be able to express himself – the channel is today subscribed to by over 220,000 people, and counts more than 10.5 million views of all his videos combined.

The video that made Bobby popular on YouTube – “LIFE of a BILLIONAIRE’S SON” – has been viewed close to 6.5 million times in one year, while all his other videos have been watched less than half a million times each.

Bobby is also quite active on Instagram, and is followed by over 57,000 people, while he’s uploaded over 100 pictures, most of which simply feature him during his everyday life.

He is currently focused on launching his acting career, and his pictures and portfolio can be found uploaded onto several websites for actors.

Bobby has stated that the late Heath Ledger is his favorite actor, and that he was initially motivated by him to pursue an acting career – he would like to be just like Heath, with the exception of committing suicide of course. Bobby believes that he is somewhat similar to Heath, as he also wants to explore the world just as Heath did, and they were both born in Australia. Bobby is also admiring Heath because of the way he would entirely become the character he played, and then be completely normal after the shooting’s completed.

Bobby is also a model, and is currently signed to a Los Angeles agency.

Bobby Misner

Love life and dating

Bobby is more or less open when it comes to his love life, and it’s known that he was married to a girl whom he met at a party. Bobby spent over $15,000 dollars during two days of partying, bought the girl a diamond ring, and they went on to marry, however, the marriage lasted for just a couple of weeks before they divorced – or was that annulled? – and the two don’t even talk today.

In one of his videos, Bobby claimed that he was in a relationship with American actress Lindsay Lohan, and after she contacted him and asked him to stop lying, Bobby went on to state in an interview how they didn’t really date, but only hooked up and that he fell asleep in her hotel room.

Bobby can be seen spending time with many beautiful girls, most of whom are models, but it isn’t known whether or not any one of these is his girlfriend, and thus as of October 2020, he is single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Bobby spends most of his free time at the gym, and has four to five training sessions each week, while he is also practicing martial arts and boxing – he plays various sports as well, such as tennis and soccer.

He is a huge fan of fast cars, and has several in his private collection most of which can be seen featured in his pictures on Instagram.

Winter is Bobby’s favorite season as he is an avid skier, and he mostly goes to Switzerland for winter vacations. He is keen on flying helicopters and is a licensed helicopter pilot.

In his spare time, Bobby likes to watch movies, and his favorite actors and actresses are Heath Ledger, Samuel L. Jackson and Emma Watson. A few of his favorite movies are “The Dark Knight”, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and the franchise “Harry Potter”.

Age and net worth

Bobby’s age is 25. He has short brown and blonde hair and blue eyes, his height is 6ft 4ins (1.93m), and he weighs around 167lbs (76kgs) – Bobby’s chest size is 38ins (0.96m) and his waist is 31ins (0.78m).

As of October 2020, Bobby’s father’s net worth has been estimated at over $900 million, and Bobby’s believed to be sharing this small fortune.

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