• Bess Katramados is a former model, homemaker, and personal trainer.
• She is married to heavyweight wrestler Paul Donald Wight II (Big Show) and they have two children together.
• Big Show has had many injuries during his career and Bess has been supportive and encouraging.
• Big Show has won seven world champion titles and is an actor too.
• As of 2020 their combined net worth is estimated to be about $22 million.


Bess Katramados is an American former model, now homemaker, personal trainer and wife of the heavyweight wrestler Paul Donald Wight II, known as Big Show.

Early life, career

Bess Katramados was born on 13 July 1973 in Illinois USA. She started a modeling career in her hometown, but never signed for big companies, however, working for those low profile companies on different projects brought her to meеt her husband. After marrying him, she stopped working and became dedicated to her family.


Now she works as a personal trainer and promoter to Big Show. Her career is to fully support and motivate her husband, especially taking care of him since he’s had many injuries during his career.

Personal life

Bess and Big Show started dating when he was separated from his first wife – their divorce happened five days before his wedding to Bess, which was on 11 February 2002. The couple has two children together, a boy and a girl, and one from his previous marriage.

Big Show was married to Melissa Ann Piavis from 1997, and they have a daughter called Cierra, to whom Bess is her step mother, although Big Show has shared custody for the daughter. They now live in Tampa, Florida.

Husband Big Show

Paul Donald Wight II, known as Big Show is an American professional heavyweight wrestler, born on 8 February 1972 in Aiken, South Carolina. He played basketball and American Football in high school, and continued at Wichita State University with the basketball team.

Big Show

When Paul was 12 he was bigger and taller than other children the same age, the result of a disorder of hypophysis, which produces growth hormone. He eventually underwent successful surgery.

Paul started his career in 1994. He was lucky to meet famous wrestler Hulk Hogan who recommended him, and soon he became part of the Horizon show. The next year Paul started to play under the name “The Giant”, and signed with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) – this ring name comes from “Andre the Giant”, a French professional wrestler – they had similar body structure.

Four years later Paul signed with World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and then started to perform as Big Show. He has seven world champion titles, and is the only one who has won these four: WCW World Heavyweight Championship, WWF Championship, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) World Heavyweight Championship and ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) World Heavyweight Championship.

Big Show is one of the most decorated stars in wrestling. His signature moves are Cobra Clutch Backbreaker, and Chokeslam.

At the end of 2018, he took a break from wrestling due to a hamstring injury returning to the ring early in 2020.

Big Show is an actor too. His appearance in movies and TV series has followed his wrestling career since its beginnings. So he was the Huge Santa in the 1996 movie “Jingle All the Way”, Captain Insano in “The Waterboy” in 1998, and “Fighting with my Family” in 2019 as himself. Big Show has played in TV series too, appearing in episodes of “Star Trek:Enterprise” in 2004, “Burn Notice” in 2011, “Psych” in 2013 and others.

He even had a leading role in the comedy “Knucklehead” in 2010, and was also a part of the music video for the “Thong Song” performed by the American R&B singers Sisqo and Foxy Brown. On one occasion Big Show said:’ I’m an emotional person. Anger and frustration comes out in many ways. I’m not afraid to hug my friends that I love, and I’m not afraid to express my emotions when I’m upset.’

Net Worth

Bess and Big Show have been married for 18 years. Bess’s net worth is unknown, but her husband’s at the beginning of 2020 is around $22 million.

He is one of the highest paid wrestlers in WWE with a reputed salary of $ 1.2 million. and also has income from his movie roles and appearances in TV series. In 2007 the couple bought a Miami mansion that cost them $3.7 million.


Bess Katramados is 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall, weighs around 140lbs (64kgs), and her vital statistics are 33-28-32 inches. She has black hair, blue eyes and a toned body.

Social Media

Bess keeps her life private and doesn’t have any social media accounts.

Big Show on the other hand opened his Instagram account in 2016, and so far has 1.3 million followers. His Twitter account from 2010 is followed by 2.5 million people and his Facebook page has been ‘liked’ from 7.5 million profiles.

Interesting facts

Big Show often expresses gratitude to his wife for being supportive and always beside him in all ups and downs. Bess has been a wrestling fan since childhood. He is 7ft (2.13 m) tall and weighs around 385lbs (175kgs). His shoe size is 22.5E. In 2005 Big Show bought a bus and employed a bus driver so he could overcome the traveling difficulties due to his size.

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