• Ashley Jade Stern is the daughter of Howard Stern and Allison Berns
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $100,000
• She is the youngest of three siblings and her parents took extra steps to keep her out of the media spotlight
• Her father is a successful radio personality with a net worth of over $650 million
• She is close to her father and stepmother, Beth Ostrosky, and is living a life away from the spotlight


Who is Ashley Jade Stern?

Ashley Jade Stern was born on 24 January 1993, in Long Island, New York, USA, and is known only for being the radio personality Howard Stern’s youngest daughter, from his marriage to Allison Berns. For most of her life, she’s been kept out of the media spotlight by her parents, even after their divorce. She was under intense media scrutiny once news broke about her parents separating.

The Net Worth of Ashley Jade Stern

Ashley Jade Stern’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, earned through success in various endeavors, though specific details about her career are unknown.

She probably benefits from the vast wealth of her father, as he’s reputedly accrued over $650 million in net worth, and is one of the most successful radio personalities in the US.

Life So Far

Ashley is the youngest of three siblings, and during her youth her family experienced a lot of media attention mostly thanks to her father and the success of his radio show. As a result, her parents had to take extra steps to ensure that the children lived without much attention, and were free to do what they wanted.

She lived a lavish lifestyle during her childhood, but things changed drastically when her parents divorced.

Their relationship broke down due to her father being a workaholic and he was so concerned about losing it all that he didn’t notice his relationship was falling apart. The divorce proceedings were long and covered by the media, especially since it involved a battle for the custody of the children. Her father agreed that the children should stay with their mother, but left an option for the children to stay with him if they ever wanted. She has remained close to her parents since then, but after the divorce, she quietly went off the radar and continued with life.

Father – Howard Stern

Howard Stern grew up in Queens, New York City, hailing from a Jewish family originating from Poland.

He attended Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School, and at a young age developed a love for entertainment, performing for his friends in various ways. Eventually he identified his passion for radio, idolizing the careers of radio talk personalities. He recorded make-believe radio shows in his home, but wasn’t confident in his skills at first, as he was actually an introvert.

After matriculating from high school, he enrolled at Boston University where he took up a communications degree. During his time there, he had his first radio station experience with the campus station WTBU, where he learned more about playing songs, interviewing, and reading the news.

He hosted a weekly show while continuing his studies, including learning about the more technical aspects of radio. In 1975, he completed his radio-telephone operator license, and then got his first job in Newton, Massachusetts, mostly doing production work. He eventually completed his degree as a magna cum laude, with a major in broadcasting and film.

The Success of Howard Stern

After about a decade of building experience on radio and developing his radio persona, he got a variety show in 1990  set on Saturdays, “The Howard Stern Show”, which featured him along with a few staff members.

Howard Stern

The show was successful during its first year, and quickly gained national syndication, becoming a hit in many areas in the country. However, the show was also controversial, for which he was often fined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Eventually, the show started attracting more high-profile guests, and the projects he envisioned as a part of his larger radio franchise were all successful. During the peak of his career, Stern was doing book deals, and his book “Private Parts” was a commercial success, becoming a “New York Times” best-seller, this led to his creating various pay-per-view specials and films based on his life as well as his writing work.

He wrote a second book “Miss America” just in time for the film adaptation of “Private Parts” which topped the box office while its soundtrack also entered the Billboard 200.

Later Career – Howard Stern

In the 2000s, the government became stricter with indecency on radio programs, which severely inhibited Stern’s trademark comedy. After the initial run of his show in 2000, he signed with Sirius Satellite Radio in a five-year deal worth $600 million, one of the biggest deals in radio history. Sirius allowed him full creative control of his work, and the wealth also allowed him to pursue other business endeavors.

After a contract renewal with SiriusXM and disputes with regards to his payments, he returned to television, becoming a judge in the seventh season of “America’s Got Talent”.

He continued his work for the next three seasons before leaving the show. In 2015, he partnered with Whalerock Industries for a digital service project that would provide both free and subscription-based programming. He also signed a new contract with Sirius during that year, extending his work with them up to 2020.

The contract also meant that he would have access to all his show’s archives up to 2027. His latest project is his third book “Howard Stern Comes Again” released in 2019, published by the company, Simon & Schuster.

Personal Life

Ashley Jade has lived a life away from the spotlight, and it is not known if she is married or has a family. She has spent some time with her father in his lavish homes in Long Island, New York, and in Palm Beach, Florida. She is also close to her stepmother, television host Beth Ostrosky. Her mother also remarried but very few details are known about this relationship. In 2017, her father had a cancer scare as a growth was spotted by doctors on one of his kidneys,  but the growth turned out to be benign, and immediately responded to treatment.

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