• Angus Cloud is an American actor born in 1994 in Oakland, California.
• He made his debut in 2019 in the HBO teen drama series "Euphoria" and has since appeared in other projects.
• His net worth is estimated at $250,000.
• He is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall, and has an athletic body build.
• He is often confused with the late rapper, Mac Miller.



Not all actors join the profession after long planning, or by having a relative in the field. Angus Cloud landed his first acting role by accident, and his fame skyrocketed almost immediately. Who is this young actor? Is he connected to Mac Miller?

Early life and Education

Angus Cloud was born in 1994 in Oakland, California USA – his exact birth date isn’t known, and much about his early life hasn’t been disclosed. His mother and father both work as professors at unnamed Universities.


He went to the Oakland School for the Arts in the School of Production Design, but it isn’t known whether or not he enrolled at any college. He is of American nationality, but is of Irish descent, and most of his family still lives in Ireland.

Ever since he was a young boy, he’s loved to watch TV shows and movies with his mom. His love for television was what made him join the entertainment industry.


Cloud made his acting debut in 2019 in the HBO teen drama TV series “Euphoria”, created by Sam Levinson, portraying a character called Fezco, a love interest of Rue who is played by Zendaya.

Fezco is a boy who drops out of high school so he could start being a drug dealer. Despite his job, he cares deeply for people around him, and this has made him one of the most beloved characters on the show. Cloud appears during the first season of the show, and it isn’t known whether or not he will reprise the role for any future seasons.

Cloud was also in the 2020 drama film “North Hollywood”, in which he portrayed Walker.

The film follows a group of people who want to become professional skaters.

He also briefly entered a modeling career, as he was on the cover of the Paper Magazine; his photograph was taken by Eda Yu. He also had a profile in GQ’s August edition, written by the famous journalist Mia Galuppo.

Personal Life

Cloud never planned on auditioning to be a part of the “Euphoria” cast. In fact, he was working in a fast-food restaurant not far from the big Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City,  when Jennifer Venditti, a scouting angel for the show, ran into him.

She asked him to audition for the show, which Cloud rejected at first, thinking he was being scammed. At the time, he even had plans to move to Ireland with his family, to try to pursue a career in Europe.

He went to the same high school as Zendaya, who was his on-screen girlfriend in “Euphoria” – they even had some mutual friends! However, they both state that, even though they had seen each other before, they had never officially met before the filming day.

During his interview for the WSJ magazine, Cloud mentioned that he was still learning to act, and that he is trying to improve his skills.

Angus Cloud

He also said that his dream job is to be a voice actor for cartoons and animated films.

Angus Cloud is often confused with the late rapper, Mac Miller, known for songs such as “Self Care”, “Hand Me Downs”, “My Favorite Part” and “Donald Trump”. He died from an accidental drug overdose on 7th September 2018 – almost a year before the air date of “Euphoria”.

Before starting his acting career, Cloud dealt with a bad case of stage fright, but fought hard to overcome it.

As a relatively new TV star, not much is known about Cloud’s private life. He hasn’t been seen with any female, and isn’t romantically linked with anyone. His colleagues have reported that he is a rather shy and quiet in person.

He is active on most social media platforms. His Instagram account has more than 540,000 followers! On it, he mostly posts photographs of himself and his friends during various public events.

He has a YouTube channel too, on which he posts rapping videos he directed. He is also active on Twitter.

Cloud loves rap music, especially the Bay Area influence, and has loved directing rap music videos since he was 17 years old. ‘When I’m in New York or L.A., as long as I got Bay Area music in my headphones, folks feel like they’re home.’ he said during an interview for Pitchfork. As of May 2020, he is residing with his parents in Los Angeles, California, which is also a filming location for the show “Euphoria”.

Net Worth

Cloud is still a newcomer to the acting scene, despite quickly becoming one of the most popular young actors in Hollywood. As of May 2020, his net worth is estimated at around $250,000.

Physical characteristics

Cloud has a short buzz-cut and ginger beard that doesn’t seem to correspond with his hair color. He is easily recognized by his big, blue eyes and a scar on the top of his head. He is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall, and weighs around 154lbs (70kg). He has an athletic body build, with vital measurements of around 42-31-35, and a biceps size 13.

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