• Amalia Williamson is an actress, director, and screenwriter born in 1999 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
• She attended Sheridan College for Film and Television, and also took lessons at Armstrong Acting Studios in Toronto.
• Her biggest project to date is Netflix's “Northern Rescue”, in which she plays the oldest child of William Baldwin’s character.
• Aside from acting, she also directs short films and documentaries, such as “Blue Light” and “Modern Day Magick”.
• Amalia is passionate about make-up and beauty, and loves to post about fashion and vacations on her social media accounts.


Who is Amalia Williamson?

Amalia Williamson was born on 2 June 1999, in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and is an actress as well as a director, best known for her work in the television series “Northern Rescue” in which she worked alongside actors such as William Baldwin and Kathleen Robertson. She’s also appeared in and directed several short films during her career.

The Net Worth of Amalia Williamson

As of mid-2020, Amalia Williamson’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful career in the acting profession since 2015.

Aside from acting and directing, she also does screen-writing.

Early Life and Education

Amalia grew up in Oakville and at a young age developed a love for the performing arts. She loved every aspect of film and television work, including acting, directing and writing, developing her skills in all three. She eventually became involved with a local theatre group and performed in several productions. During this time, she also became interested in beauty and make-up, even considering modeling as a career, but still prioritized acting.

She pleaded with her parents to help her fulfill her dream, meantime continuing with her education, and after matriculating from high school she enrolled at Sheridan College to take part in their Film and Television program. The college is located near her hometown, and is known for its focus on various liberal arts programs; it offer courses in film, business, music, creative writing, animation, engineering, technology, and many more. Following the completion of her course, she then took lessons at Armstrong Acting Studios, in Toronto, further solidifying her desire to become an actress.

Amalia Williamson

Career Beginnings

Her parents eventually supported Williamson’s aspirations, and helped her with searching for opportunities in acting. They found the talent management company, Ambition Talent, and landed an agent who would help her gain roles in several projects. In 2015 she made her debut in the short film “Punctual Condolence”, which starred her alongside Aidan Moreno. The film is about a student who tries to meet a deadline set by her professor before it is too late.

She continued acting in short films until she eventually got cast for the pilot of the show “Playing Dead”.

The show was created, and hoped to get support from The CW. It follows the story of a family working in mortician duties, who then get involved with a woman who asks them to help fake her death. The show was never picked up after the pilot, so she moved on to other projects. In 2018, she was cast in the independent film “Level 16”, a project by Danishka Esterhazy which tells the story of young women who are taught from childhood to reach perfection to be adopted, only for some to discover a conspiracy behind it all.

Northern Rescue

In 2019 Amalia got her biggest project to date, when she became one of the main cast members of the Netflix series “Northern Rescue”, a Canadian production starring William Baldwin as the commander of a search and rescue team. After the death of his wife, he moves from the US back to Ontario, Canada withhis three children, to live with a sister-in-law in a fictional small town. In the show, she plays the role of the oldest child of William Baldwin’s character.

She was very excited and ecstatic to be cast in the show, as there were a lot of uncertainties during the auditions. For the role, she had to play a moody and angsty 16-year old, which wasn’t difficult for her to do. Her character’s personality is a far reach from her actual personality, as she is more of a girl-next-door type of person, but she found it easy to play an older sister as she does have the same role in her family; the role was her first major project, made easier to transition as she worked with many notable names in acting.

Other Endeavors

While there has yet to be a renewal of “Northern Rescue” to continue airing, Amalia has been involved in other projects. She was a supporting character in the children’s television show “Bajillionaires” which focuses on a group of friends who begin a start-up company, operating from their parents’ garage. She hasn’t been taking any new projects recently, and it is mainly attributed to most film and show productions halting work due to the coronavirus epidemic, to prevent the virus from spreading any further.

Aside from acting, she also has a lot of directorial endeavors, though most of these have been independent work. She’s released several short films including “Blue Light”, which tells the story of a blue light district, an area akin to the red light district but with male prostitutes. She also directed the short “Rosie” and “Daughter”, and even dabbled in a bit of documentary work, being responsible for directing “Modern Day Magick”. While few details are known about her documentary, it is likely related to the practice of magic in modern-day times. Apart from that, she has mostly suspended her directorial efforts to focus more on acting.

this tan has already faded and I'm pretty butt hurt about it

Posted by Amalia Williamson on Saturday, October 7, 2017

She will likely resume work once it is clear in Canada to begin working again.

Personal Life

There have been no reports about any past or present romantic relationships for Amalia. She wasn’t as private about her life in the past, as she previously had social media accounts which showcased her life. She loved posting about fashion, beauty, and some of her vacations. However, she suddenly deactivated her account and it may be due to some online accounts trying to steal her photos and videos for personal gain. She is very passionate when it comes to make-up and beauty, learning more about the industry when she can.

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