• Sam Golbach is a popular social media influencer, famous for uploading prank videos on Vine, YouTube and Instagram.
• Sam and his business partner Colby Brock created their joint YouTube channel “Sam and Colby” which has over four million subscribers and earned $1.3 million.
• Sam and Colby also created “The Life Project”, a project focused on teaching teenagers things they would never learn in school.
• Sam has been dating pop singer Katrina Stuart since 201•
• Sam has a net worth of $800,000 and a sponsored post on his Instagram profile can cost up to $4,200.


Sam Golbach is a popular social media influencer, who became famous for uploading prank videos first on Vine, when the app was up, and then on YouTube and Instagram. He works with his partner, Colby Brock.

Early life and family

Samuel Golbach was born on 27 November 1996, in Leawood, Kansas USA, so his zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and He holds American nationality. Sam was born into the family of Kirk and Cindy Golbach and has two siblings, an elder sister, Allison, and a younger brother, Ben. Since his childhood years, Sam has liked to entertain people and enjoyed making them laugh – he could make any person of any age smile. It helped him later when the Vine app started gaining popularity, as he understood what type of content people wanted to see to be entertained.

Since he was around eight years old he liked playing various kinds of sports too, such as football, basketball and volleyball.

Educational background

Sam attended Blue Valley High School, where he met his now-best-friend and business partner, Colby. Sam matriculated from his high school in 2014, and then moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue his career in the sphere of online entertainment, so he hasn’t enrolled at any college and hasn’t shared any plans for tertiary education so far, being fully focused on his work.


Success at Vine and joint YouTube channel

While in the senior year in high school, Sam and Colby discovered the Vine app, and started uploading their short and, to many, funny videos.

By January 2014 their account was followed by 10,000, and their popularity grew from month to month, and by the time the app was shut down in early 2017, Sam and Colby had more than a million followers. The friends didn’t give up, and were prepared for the Vine’s shut down with both creating personal channels on YouTube, also starting their mutual channel. As of 2020, their joint channel “Sam and Colby” has over four million subscribers.

Both YouTubers are very consistent with content uploading, and post a new video once or twice a week; one of the most popular videos on their joint channel is entitled “Scariest night of our lives. | Queen Mary Room B340”, which has over 11 million views. The video tells the story of the overnight Sam, Colby and a couple of their friends spent in the room of the hotel which is said to be haunted.

They often post similar videos, showing abandoned hotel rooms or the rooms which have negative fame. As of March 2020, the channel has the net worth of $1.3 million, having generated 415 million views in general.

Sam’s personal YouTube channel

By the beginning of 2020, Sam’s personal YouTube channel had attracted close to two million subscribers. Among the videos he posts are prank funny short films, scary challenges he performs in the middle of the night, creepy games with his friends and girlfriend, playing with the candles lit in front of them and using a Ouija board, and so on. Started in June 2016, the channel has over 220,000 views in total, having a net worth of $610,000, as of March 2020. Sam’s most popular video he’s ever published on his YouTube profile is entitled “BREAKING ALL RULES OF THE OUIJA BOARD on FRIDAY THE 13TH // 3 AM CHALLENGE | Sam Golbach”; it has well over six million views.

Colby Brock’s personal channel

Sam often appears in the videos of his YouTube partner, Colby Borks. Since Colby’s personal channel has been up (from 7 November 2016), Sam has been a hero of Colby’s pranks, “Q&A” videos, etc. One of the most popular videos on Colby’s personal channel, which is entitled “CALLING TERRIFYING PHONE NUMBERS pt. 3 (STALKER) | Colby Brock” and has 5.5 million views, featuring Sam along with their other YouTube fellows such as Brennen Taylor, Corey Scherer, etc. Colby also posts many videos featuring his current girlfriend, TaraYummy, who is also a YouTuber with more than 210,000 subscribers on her channel.

Sam and Colby’s “The Life Project”

In 2016 Sam and Colby created the project mostly focused on teenagers which would teach them things that they would never learn in school.

Sam Golbach

Sam and Colby announced they were working on developing the positive-minded and caring community for those people who struggle with various problems in their life. Thus, the website of the project says that “The Life Project” provides information on how to cope with sadness and depression, how to stay motivated to achieve one’s goals, how to make friends with the right people, how to handle school and not to become anxious or stressed out, and much more. Paying a subscriber’s fee, a person can get access to the motivational videos especially created by Sam and Colby for this project.

Personal life, girlfriend Katrina Stuart

Sam has been noticed with Katrina Stuart since 2015, but for a long time they didn’t announce their relationship officially – they’ve been friends since 2014, and started dating in May 2015.

Katrina, who is a pop-singer, often appears in Sam and Colby’s videos, mostly participating in various pranks (or being pranked herself). According to the photos Sam and Katrina post on their Instagram accounts, they like eating out, visiting Disneyland, walking in the parks, and many other things love birds would do. Together they signed a commercial contract with Hyundai USA, and have posted several sponsored posts about their experience of driving the Hyundai Venue new car.

Who is Katrina Stuart?

Born on 20 September 1999, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Katrina Stuart has always known that she was going to be a singer. She started taking piano lessons when she was only four years old, and also took performing classes when she turned five. By the age of 10, Katrina was improving her dancing skills, and learning how to play the guitar, plus trying to compose her first songs.


During her teenage years she gained popularity on such apps as Musical.ly (which is now TikTok) and Vine.

In 2014 she quit her high school in Toronto and moved to Los Angeles to matriculate from the local school, and to have more opportunities to pursue her singing career. In 2017 she started recording her songs, and posted several covers to the songs of Maroon 5, Gwen Stefani and Beyoncé, and was eventually noticed by several music producers. Among her successful covers there are also “Million Reasons”, originally performed by Lady Gaga, and “The One That Got Away”, written and performed by Katy Perry, and actually initially posted in 2011, in which Katrina accompanies herself on the piano.

In early 2019 Katrina released such clips as “Blue Roses”, “All In” and “La La Land”, then on 11 December she uploaded her music video “Gone” on her YouTube channel, and in only three months it attracted more than a million views. The success of the video was ensured by Sam Golbach’s appearance in it, as he played the role of Katrina’s boyfriend who has a fight with Katrina’s on-screen father.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Sam’s favorite food is pepperoni pizza, and he also enjoys eating in McDonalds. In August 2019, Sam and Colby won the Teen Choice Award in the category “Choice YouTuber”. Sam has a collection of stuffed toys from the Pokémon series.

Appearance, clothing style

Sam has blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall and weighs around 128lbs (58kgs); his vital statistics are not available. As to his clothing style, he likes wearing casual clothes, especially a T-shirt with bright prints and Bermuda shorts. Sam has no tattoos.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Sam’s net worth is reported to be around $800,000. Since Sam has a massive following not only on YouTube, but also on Instagram account, having more than 1.2 million subscribers there, a sponsored post on his Instagram profile can cost up to $4,200, while a sponsored post on their joint Instagram account with Colby can have a price of $3,800.

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