Who is Beatrice McCartney?

Beatrice McCartney was born on 28 October 2003, in London, England, and is known for being the daughter of Paul McCartney from his marriage to former model turned reality star, Heather Mills. A lot of attention has been put on Beatrice since her youth, mainly stemming from her father who was a member of the iconic band, The Beatles.

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The Net Worth of Beatrice McCartney

As of mid-2020, Beatrice McCartney’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, mostly through the success of her father. Paul McCartney has a net worth estimated to be over $1.2 billion, being one of the most successful music artists of all time.

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Paul e Beatrice, 2010. Desde 2017 Paul e Heather Mills proibiram a mídia de publicar fotos de Beatrice, com o objetivo de proteger sua privacidade até que complete 18 anos (em 2021), chegando inclusive a contatar páginas de fãs exigindo a remoção das fotos mais recentes de Bea, retiradas das redes sociais privadas da menina sem o consentimento dela ou da família. Nós respeitamos a decisão de Paul e Heather e não publicaremos fotos atualizadas de Bea até que ela atinja a maioridade e decida por si mesma se deseja ser famosa ou não. Paul e Heather têm a guarda compartilhada de Beatrice, e ela divide seu tempo nas casas de ambos, principalmente em Londres, onde frequenta a escola. Seu principal interesse são musicais da Broadway, e talvez este seja um dos motivos pelos quais Paul está compondo um musical, que será anunciado em breve. #paulmccartney #mccartney #thebeatles #johnlennon #ringostarr #georgeharrison #lindamccartney #rock #music #beatles #wings #lindaeastman #nancyshevell #beatricemccartney

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As a part of his divorce settlement from Beatrice’s mother, she has been receiving money from him, and is also being taken care of in her every need.


Beatrice’s parents met sometime during the late 1990s, leading to the two appearing together at a party in 2000. Paul was already very famous due to his highly successful music career, while her mother, Heather Mills was gaining attention for her activism, and from her former career as a model. The two married in 2002 at a lavish ceremony held in Ireland at the Castle Leslie. More than 300 guests were invited to the wedding, and they had a vegetarian reception.

Mills had been outspoken about how unlikely it was for her to give birth to a child due to experiencing ectopic pregnancies in the past. However, they were successful in conceiving, and Beatrice was born in 2003, named after the mother of both her parents. When she turned three, it was reported that her parents were no longer living together.

Life So Far

Shortly after the announcement that Beatrice’s parents were separated, her father filed for divorce, which was quickly finalized with Mills getting $38.5 million, with Beatrice getting $70,000 a year until she turns 17. During the divorce, Paul was notably honest with the judge with Mills less so, as she was inconsistent with her statements. The former couple shared custody of Beatrice.

Since then, Beatrice has mostly been away from the spotlight, though it has been noted that she is inspired by her father’s success in music. She started taking up saxophone lessons, and hopes to become a musician in the future. In 2011, she was spotted during her father’s wedding with businesswoman Nancy Shevell – she was the flower girl for the occasion, which was held in London at the Old Marylebone Town. Six years later, she was seen in public with her father as the duo went out to watch the musical “Carousel”. She later took photos backstage with the cast members, along with her father. She’s growing up with a large extended family, as she has two half-sisters and a half-brother who are all adults, with most of them pursuing careers in the arts.

Mother – Heather Mills

Heather worked as a model during the 1990s, and in 1993 gained a lot of attention when she was involved in a traffic collision in London involving a police motorcyclist, and as a result lost her left leg with doctors deciding to amputate it below the knee. This did not derail her, however, as she used a prosthetic limb to continue modeling with the fame she had after the accident. Later on, she told and sold her story to the tabloid publication “News of the World”.

Following all the attention she gained through her relationship with and subsequent divorce from McCartney, she became more of an activist, in promoting various animal rights advocacies.

She practices a vegan lifestyle as a part of the activism, and is a patron of the Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals or Viva! She is also a part of the Limbless Association, a charitable organization in the UK which supports those who’ve lost limbs; she serves as the vice president of the association. She was last heard of publicly in 2014, when she decided to cancel her plans to compete in the 2014 Paralympic Games.

Father – Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England where his mother worked as a nurse while his father served during World War II as a firefighter. He grew up with two siblings, one of whom was a stepsister.

When he was 14 years old, his mother passed away due to complications after surgery for breast cancer. He depended mainly on his father then, who became one of the key figures for inspiring him to pursue music. His father encouraged all the children to practice music, and while he was advised to take piano lessons, he learned to play by ear.

Later on he learnt to play the guitar, and was inspired by the artists of the time. He also started writing songs then. In 1957, he met John Lennon and the band the Quarrymen, and began performing with them, mostly singing rock and roll tunes with a bit of influence from other genres. He was a rhythm guitarist and it was during this period that he became close to Lennon.

Paul McCartney

In 1961 he became the bass player of the band, and with a few changes to their group, they would eventually become The Beatles.

The Success of Paul McCartney

With The Beatles, Paul became a worldwide sensation, and the band was one of the most highly sought after acts; they had numerous hit songs with him singing and writing many of them. He contributed heavily to the singles “Eleanor Rigby”, “Yesterday” and ‘Blackbird”. He was the de facto leader for the group, and with John Lennon provided most of the creative output that they required both for music and other projects.

In the 1970s, he embarked on a solo artist career, and was also the leader of the band Wings. He consistently toured as a solo artist even after the end of the Beatles. Aside from his music work, he has also promoted and worked with various international charities. With his achievements in his lifetime, he is considered one of the most successful performers and composers of all time. 32 of his songs have reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100. He is a two-time inductee into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, as a member of The Beatles, and as a solo artist.

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