• Married at 14 to famous MLB player Jose Altuve
• Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Bioanalytics
• Had their first child, a daughter named Melanie Andrea in 2016
• Lives in a fancy house in Texas
• Lead a happy marriage, free of any cheating scandals


Married at the age of 14 to the Major League Baseball player Jose Altuve, who was 16 at the time. Nina Altuve quickly became a famous figure, as her husband Jose was gaining recognition playing for Houston Astros.  

Nina Altuve‘s birth name is “ Gianna Elizabeth Cimetta Sandoval “ she was born on 2 February 1992, in Maracay, Aragua in Venezuela, she is the only daughter and has two brothers __ Justo Emilio and Alfredo David.

She met Jose Altuve while both in high school, and their love story continued till this day.

The couple got married on 20 November 2006, while still teenagers. A year later Jose started playing as an amateur baseball player, while Nina continued her studies at the University of Carabobo and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in bioanalytics, her work is mainly in Lab research and with biotech companies…

The 28 years old Nina is considered a short woman, she stands 5 feet 4 inches, but lucky for her, José isn’t that tall husband either, as he happens to be insignificantly taller than her.

One fun fact is that Jose Altuve is the shortest man in the Baseball Major League.

Nina Altuve and Family:

On 30 October 2016, ten years after her marriage, Nina gave birth to her first child, the couple was blessed with a daughter they named Melanie Andrea,

‘ Now when I’m on the field I just think about playing baseball, but then when I go home I just think about her and talking to her and what I can do to help her—just everything about her. Baseball is the thing I do, and she’s what I’m doing after that. So, she fits perfectly into my life ’

I think she’s going to help me to become a better player. Because you need some time off from baseball. Like when you have a bad game or you end up playing really good, you go home and you need to chill out. Like: ‘Ok I don’t want to know anything about baseball until the next day.

 Jose announced in an interview with USA Today when speaking about his daughter Melanie. 

Nina’s Instagram is full of pictures about her family and especially her daughter, despite the fact she set it to private, many pictures of her and her family have already traveled the web.

Currently, the wife of the famous major league baseball player seems to be a stay at home mother, who spends most of the time taking care of her family.

What is Nina Altuve’s net worth?

Regardless of being the wife of the millionaire Baseball star Jose Altuve, Nina appears to be independent and no data is to be found anywhere regarding her net worth. The couple currently lives in a fancy house in Texas which they bought for $1.3 million in 2015.

The net worth of her husband Jose is estimated to be $13 million with a salary of $4.5 million

Nina Altuve and Jose Altuve

Where does Nina Altuve spend her holidays?

Apart from raising her kids and giving them the love they deserve, Nina and Jose spend most of their free times and holidays visiting splendid locations such as New York City, Paris, Florida, Walt Disney World, and on many occasions they go back to their homeland Venezuela to meet their family and loved ones there.

Did Nina Altuve cheat on Jose?

The lives of celebrity’s wives can be daunting, many fake news and propaganda may arise at any moment, but luckily for Nina and her husband, their record is clean of any cheating stories or scandals, the couple appears to lead a happy marriage, which remained relatively secretive.

Still, Nina is a very jealous wife, as proven by the October 2019 incident when her husband played against the Yankees, Jose refused that his teammates take his shirt off, he was running across the yard, trying to keep the Jersey closed to prevent his other teammates from ripping it off while celebrating __ when later asked about it, Jose Answered:  “my wife would get very angry if I take off my jersey in the field  he declared to Ken Rosenthal the MLB network reporter.

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