• Helen Wilink is the wife of Jocko Willink, a retired US Navy Seal Veteran.
• Helen is a mother and successful business woman, running several family businesses.
• She is a fitness enthusiast, and the couple have four children.
• Jocko is a speaker and has written multiple books on leadership and parenting.
• Together, their net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.


Are you familiar with Helen Wilink?

Although many people know who Jocko Willink is, they probably don’t know much about his wife – Helen Wilink. She was born Helen Louise – surname unknown – on 20th June 1970 under the zodiac sign of Gemini, in London, England. She is a Christian. Apart from being a famous wife, she is also a mother and a successful business woman, running several family businesses.

Personal life

Helen grew up in London. After becoming a flight attendant, she took various routes around the planet, but couldn’t escape the path of fate.

She met her soulmate – Jocko Willink on one of her flights, while stationed in Bahrein at the time. He was delighted with her beauty – Helen is blonde and her eyes are brown. Jocko is a retired US Navy Seal veteran, who served in the Navy for 20 years, known for commanding the SEAL Team 3’s Task Unit Bruiser against Iraqi insurgents, and commanding the training for all the SEAL Teams on the US west coast. 

The couple married in 1997, and soon afterwards Helen “came down from the clouds”, quitting her job as a flight attendant. Since then, she has been totally devoted to her family.

In order to avoid negative comments and curious people, she shares very little information about her personal life. Accordingly, she’s never revealed any information about her parents and her early life in London, or private life before Jocko at all! On the other hand, we know that her husband Jocko had a quite typical childhood, growing up in a small New England city, and that his parents were teachers. He claims that he was disobedient almost always, and when he grew up, he joined the Navy to test himself and refocus his stubborn nature, finally joining the SEALs. The rest is history!

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An interesting fact is that Helen is a true fitness lover. Well, not as much as her husband, but again – she is very enthusiastic.

It’s one big family

Although her husband looks serious, rigid, and harsh at first sight, his wife claims that he really has his gentle side. Naturally, it is most obvious when he is spending quality time with their four children – three daughters and a son. Their firstborn was Freja, on the 25th of September 1999, then Rana on the 12th of March 2001, Thorson on the 4th of December 2002, and finally, another girl, but we don’t have enough information about her.

In support of the fact that Jocko is a very principled man, just like his wife, stands the evidence that their children are very well educated and highly successful at what they do. Well, they had a great example to follow! Their eldest daughter is a student at the University of California, Berkeley, while the rest of the team is reportedly following father’s footsteps – namely, they are dedicated to becoming successful wrestlers.

Judging by numerous sources, Helen is someone who was initially delighted with the strength and dedication of her husband (she still is), the father of her children.

There is also a story that whenever one of the daughters announces her relationship, that’s followed by a conversation with her. Good, old school!

As we can see from the attached, family life is a crucial thing for both of them, and is at the top of the hierarchy of values. While his way of earlier life brought many challenges, Jocko repeatedly pointed out that his wife was his rock! He believes that she is responsible for their modest and normal lifestyle – Helen is mostly behind the decision to keep their private life away from the public. Their firm belief is that, in order to avoid bad people, they must carefully channel the amount of information that leaves their house.

Although the whole family is using social media, they are keeping it low profile most of the time.

Helen’s and Jocko’s Career

All these years, Helen was at the head of the family, taking care of everything. At the same time she was giving all the necessary love and freedom to the husband to become what he is.

Throughout his service career, Jocko was rewarded with many personal and unit awards. He retired in 2010, after which he became a successful speaker on the topic of leadership. He is using his skills and wisdom, as well as his long time experience, to educate others on how to be better leaders.

He additionally discusses parenting kids in a way that they can grow more independent, confident, and flexible, and to make good choices throughout life. Of course, there is no doubt that he is fully supported by his wife Helen, who helps him in each area. You know how they say – behind every successful man, there stands a woman!

Jocko Wilink once said ‘There is no such thing as a weekend. This is an everyday gig: every day is a Monday!’ Therefore, we can see that this family is truly hard-working and versatile. As mentioned, Helen is handling various businesses – her husband is a co-founder of the consulting firm Echelon Front, established together with a friend. Beside that, Jocko founded a fitness and training center, and makes money from writing an advertising.

Behind him are books, including “Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win”, “Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual Mk1-MOD1”, “The Code. the Evaluation. the Protocols: Striving to Become an Eminently Qualified Human”, “Way of the Warrior Kid: From Wimpy to Warrior the Navy SEAL Way: A Novel”, etc.

How much is Helen Willink worth?

Helen’s own net worth is around $100,000, but when it comes to mutual net worth, it’s estimated to be as high as $5 million. Their sources of income are various, but Jocko’s main sources right now are VICTORY MMA and podcasts – he started The Jocko Podcast, which is a very popular weekly discussion around development, management, relations, and daily life.

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