• David William Rooklin is an American scientist, entrepreneur, and the co-founder of the New York-based computational chemistry company 'Redesign Science'.
• He has a degree in biochemistry from Oberlin College and a Ph.D. in computational biology from New York University.
• He won NYU’s Entrepreneur’s Challenge in the category of technology in 2016 and launched his own company ''Redesign Science'' in 2017.
• He married Ilana Glazer, the renowned ''Broad City’' star, on 26th February 2017.
• He has a net worth estimated to be over $2 million.


Do You Know About David Rooklin?

David William Rooklin is an American scientist, entrepreneur, and the co-founder of the New York-based computational chemistry company ‘Redesign Science’.  He has a degree in biochemistry from Oberlin College (1998 -2002) and he was awarded a Ph.D. in computational biology from New York University (2006- 2012.). However, he climbed the ladder of fame after turning his long relationship with Ilana Glazer, the renowned ”Broad City’’ star, into marriage on 26th February 2017. Ilana Glazer is an American actress, comedian and writer, who has been nominated for numerous awards for her performance as a comedian in her show. She has garnered a huge fan following and tremendous respect, even outside the country.

About David Rooklin’s Early Life, Education and Career

David Rooklin was born on 21st June 1980, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA, under the Zodiac sign of Gemini. After spending his childhood there and matriculating from a local high school, he moved to Ohio where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry in 2002 from Oberlin College. After graduating, Rooklin shifted to the University of Colorado where he built his career as a research technician in the Josef Michl Lab, while at the same time accelerating his studies at the Merck Pharmaceutical Company as a research intern in the Cardiovascular Disease Department. This company is one of the largest pharmaceuticals in the world and is listed on ‘Fortune 500’ along with its high annual revenue.

In 2006, Rooklin enrolled at New York University, and six years later he earned his Ph.D.

He then worked as a post-doctoral research scientist from May 2012 to April 2016, focusing on drug design and software development. With its history dating back to 1831, NYU has witnessed many celebrities, media figures, state heads, businesspeople, and scientists graduating from its academic centres.

In May 2016, David was able to bag $75,000 after winning NYU’s Entrepreneur’s Challenge in the category of technology. During this time, Ilana Glazer had mentioned on Instagram that she was extremely proud of Rooklin and his success, ‘ I am so mf’ing proud of my amazing bf David,’ she wrote. ‘…Competition was stiff; these other businesses were SMART and serving necessity. But #sorrynotsorry yall, David and his team won. I love him so much. He’s summoning his witch powers to make something out of nothing, and it’s working! ???’

The victory persuaded him launch his own company ”Redesign Science” in 2017, which focuses on developing drugs for potential diseases, and continues to grow over the years.

Relationship: Meeting With Ilana Glazer, Marriage and Children

Neither David nor Glazer has revealed much about their relationship, and it’s not fully known when they crossed paths and started dating. However, in several instances, some beans have been spilled.

Regarding the topic of unusual pairing of people from two different career goals, in the “Live With Kelly and Ryan” show, the comedian Glazer reported her first encounter with the not-so-comic David backstage at Hannibal Buress comedy night in Washington Square Park,’ I met him after FX passed [on Broad City] and before Comedy Central picked up the show. I was very humbled. He’s in science, so he doesn’t know comedy. We met in Washington Square Park, and we just made eyes, and it was like, ‘damn!’ ‘

It can be surmised that they’ve been in a relationship since at least June 2013, because around that time a photo of Rooklin was posted on Glazer’s Instagram account with the caption,’ I love him.’

Also in August 2013, a photo of Rooklin with her brother was posted, where she refers to the duo as her boys.

An article about Ilana Glazer and her Broad City co-star Ai Jacobson was published by ”The New Yorker” in June 2014, where it was mentioned that Glazer is dating Rooklin. The magazine described Rooklin as ‘A trim clean-cut white man in his thirties, with glasses, Rooklin wore green cords, green sneakers, and a blue crewneck.’

After keeping their chemistry out of the spotlight for nearly three years, the scientist and the comedian tied the knot on 26th February 2017 in a private ceremony at New York’s City Hall, to which only a few family members and friends were invited.

The knowledge of the new beginning of their life came in to the public sphere when fellow comedian Phoebe Robinson and the writer/director Chioke Nassor posted their matrimonial photo on social media, and congratulated them for their best future.

Later Glazer herself confirmed the marriage on her Instagram account, by posting their photo with the caption, ‘We got married #whitelove. It’s reported that Ilana Glazer and David Rooklin went to Iceland for a honeymoon. Glazer still cherishes the time when they went for a drive, and enjoyed geothermal pools and spas in Iceland.

As of now, the couple is living apparently happily at their Brooklyn mansion in New York. They don’t have children – it’s unknown if they want any.

More about David Rooklin: Hobbies, Interests, And Other activities

David has hazel eyes and brown hair, is 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall, and takes care of his figure with his weight being around 170lbs (78 kgs).

He had sleek long hair until 2018, but now as seen from his recent photographs, he’s had it cut.

David can speak Spanish, and his hobbies find their expression through art and photography. He is fond of drawing abstract sketches and he shares them with his followers; apparently he’s pretty good at it!

One of the notable attributes of Rooklin’s personality is that he is precise and succinct when using words, and like his wife Ilana Glazer, he has been outspoken on US political issues and activism.

David is a passionate advocate of equality of sexes, and is a feminist who is not hesitant to promote feminism publicly. In fact, once Ilana shared a picture on Instagram where he wore a cap that had the word ‘feminist’ emblazoned on it. ‘A real man ? … ?,’ she captioned the post.

Ilana Glazer and David Rooklin

He has more than 2,600 followers on his Instagram account, and he adores posting science-related articles.

Despite the fact that they are from different professional worlds, Rooklin and Glazer seem to be moving ahead with synchronicity, mutual co-operation, and deep love. They support each other, and their fans can keep in touch with them through their social media activities.

About David Rooklin’s Wife, Ilana Glazer In Brief

Born on 12 April 1987, under the zodiac sign of Aries, in Long Island, New York, the curly-haired Ilana Rose Glazer is popularly known as an American comedian, writer, co-creator, executive producer, director, and co-star of the critically acclaimed show ”Broad City”. Standing at a height of 5ft 1in(115 cm), she maintains her weight at 115 lbs (50 kgs).

As a daughter of Larry and Sandi Glazer, she is of Jewish descent. She spent her formative years in St James, New York, together with her four years older brother Elliot. Her parents worked in insurance and finance.

She was educated at Smithtown High School, and after that, she joined New York University from where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and child psychology. It was perhaps around this time when she met David Rooklin.

She always wanted to channel her talent and passion for acting. As a result, in 2006 she enrolled and started training at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. It was there where she met the future co-star and co-creator of “Broad City”, Abby Jacobson who had also enrolled for training. Due to Ilana’s peculiar resemblance to actress and artist Alia Shawkat, Abby Jackson had, for several hours, confused Ilana for Alia Shawkat.

During her training, Glazer toured around New York, improving and refining her stand-up comedy.

In 2009, Glazer and Abby Jacobson started shooting for their successful web-series ”Broad City”. The show was nominated for Best Web Series, along with positive criticisms from media outlets such as “USA Today”.

Later, Comedy Central purchased the web series, and it became one of the most viewed shows on the channel. The series ran for five seasons from 2014 to 2019.

Ilana Glazer has made appearances in a handful of movies, such as ”Nature Boys”(2012), ”Little Horribles”(2013), ”How To Follow Strangers”(2013), ”High and Dry”(2014), ”The Night Before”(2015), and ”Rough Night”(2017).

Her works on television include ”Lip Sync Battle”, ”Inside Amy Schumer”, ”Time Travelling Bong”, ”Bojack Horseman”, ”RuPaul’s Drag Race”, and ”Sesame Street”.


She has been nominated for various awards like- ”Writers’ Guild of America Awards”, ”Critics’ Choice Television Awards”, ”MTV Movie & TV Awards”, and ”Primetime Emmy Awards.”

In 2015 she was able to make a position in the ”Under 30” list of Forbes.

Ilana is an open Democratic party supporter.

She’s very concerned about environmental problems, and her social media posts are full of climate change & global warming.

Ilana has acknowledged that she smokes marijuana, but hardly touches alcohol.

What Is The Net Worth of David Rooklin?

David Rooklin likes to maintain a rather private lifestyle, and isn’t much into publicizing his activities. He spends most of his time researching in laboratories and contributing to new developments.

Being a top-notch scientist, David Rooklin along with Haotian Li co-founded ‘Redesign Science’, a silicon drug company in 2017. According to their website, they simulate bio-molecular systems from first principles using physics-based atomic-level molecular dynamics.

Because of his knowledge, skill and experience, he must inevitably have a good salary or income. His net worth has been estimated by sources at over $2 million.

On the other hand, his wife Ilana’s wealth is estimated to be around $3 million, earned through being a successful actress and a legitimate icon in the entertainment industry.

They seem to get along well with each other, as there haven’t been any controversies or negative rumours about the couple. They live in New York. Best wishes and congratulations to them for their career, talent, and lovely conjugal relationship!

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