• Daymon Scott ‘Daym’ Patterson is an American YouTuber, TV personality and food critic
• He grew up eating a lot of fast food as his mother had no time to prepare lunch
• He launched his YouTube channel in 2010 and has since gained over 1.35 million subscribers
• He has hosted his own show, "Best Daym Takeout", on the Travel Channel and has given interviews to various magazines and companies
• As of December 2020, Daym's net worth has been estimated at over $250,000


Who is Daym Drops?

Daymon Scott ‘Daym’ Patterson, known better as Daym Drops on the internet, was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut USA, on 24 September 1977 – his zodiac sign is Libra and he holds American nationality. He is a YouTuber, TV personality and a food critic, who might be known best for his YouTube channel onto which he uploads videos related to food.

Childhood and education

Daym is quite secretive when it comes to his childhood, and hasn’t shared any details concerning any siblings and parents but it is believed that both his parents are businesspeople and relatively rich.

Daym grew up eating a lot of fast food as his mother often had no time to prepare lunch – the family would instead order fast food, which was in most cases pizza. Daym attended a local high school at which he was somewhat sporting as he played football and soccer, but never made it to play for the school’s first teams – he hasn’t talked about his further education, but it’s believed that he holds a Business degree which he obtained in 1999.

Daym’s career

Before becoming a full-time YouTuber, Daym worked at Wal-Mart for a couple of years as a manager, and also spent a year or two at the used-car retailer CarMax.

Daym launched his YouTube channel on 21 May 2010, which is today subscribed to by around 1.35 million people, and numbers over 250 million views of all his videos combined. Most of his videos feature Daym reviewing takeaway fast food, and he does it in a fun way as he believes ‘it’s all about having fun and sharing in some laughs around here’. His two most popular videos today are “Five Guys Burgers and Fries Review” – watched over 10.6 million times since 26 April 2012 – and “FatBurger XXXL 5 GUYS Burger KILLER”, viewed around 5.6 million times since 4 October 2016.

It was in January 2016 that Daym uploaded a video onto his YouTube channel entitled “GOODBYE FAST FOOD REVIEWS”, stating that fast food worsened his health and that he was planning to stop uploading videos, however, he changed his mind two months later and returned to YouTube and to making videos.

Daym has given interviews to various magazines and companies, such as the blog Gawker and the network NBC News – Chase Hoffberger, journalist at the digital media company The Daily Dot, described Daym as ‘the most entertaining food reviewer on YouTube’.

He has also had an opportunity to appear in a single episode of the talk show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” as well as in the episode “Luther Lasagna” of the Canadian YouTube cooking series “Epic Meal Time”.

Since 2013, Daym has been hosting his own show – “Best Daym Takeout” – which can be seen airing on the Travel Channel.

He is also active on various social media networks. His Instagram account is followed by around 80,000 people, while Daym has uploaded over 16,000 pictures, the majority of which have been taken during his everyday life.

He has been active on Twitter since March 2011, and is today followed by almost 45,000 people, while he tends to tweet every day. According to his Twitter account, Daym has recently opened his first restaurant, Mofongo in Windsor, Connecticut. He is also active on Facebook, and is followed by around 110,000 people.

Wife and divorce

Daym is quite secretive when it comes to his love life, but it’s known that he has been married twice and divorced once. According to the rumors circulating the internet, he met his future first wife during his teenage years, and married her in his early 20s when she became pregnant.

She gave birth to their two children before they divorced for unknown reasons – it’s believed by many that Daym’s switch to a career on YouTube was what contributed to the divorce, as his wife wasn’t very supportive.

Daym appears to have legal custody over their kids, and he and his second wife, Ramyr Gonzalez are leading a seemingly happy life in New Britain, Connecticut.

He hasn’t talked about any other women he might have been with, and as of December 2020, Daym is married to his second wife and has two children from his first marriage.

Daym Drops

Hobbies and other interests

Daym is a fan of cars, especially jeeps and pick-ups, and is today a proud owner of a 2014 Silverado LT.

He is not a big fan of staying at home, and spends most of his time outside, eating food, checking out new restaurants and working at his own restaurant. He is keen on travelling, and has been to many US states for both work and pleasure, while he has sometimes travelled just to taste local foods at various places.

He is a gamer, and has recently uploaded pictures of his two brand-new PlayStation 5s and his new Xbox.

Daym is keen on watching movies in his spare time, and his favorite actor and actress are Will Smith and Julia Roberts, while a couple of his favorite movies are “Bad Boys”, the trilogy “Men in Black” and “Notting Hill”.

Age, height and net worth

Daym’s age is 43. He has short brown hair although he usually shaves his head, his eyes are brown, and he’s 6ft 5ins (1.96m) tall, while his weight isn’t known.

As of December 2020, his net worth has been estimated at over $250,000.

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