• Joshua David Evans is a YouTube personality with a net worth estimated to be over $500,000
• He is the lead vocalist of the band Cat's Pajamas, and a member of the YouTube boy band The Shadows
• He rose to fame in the early 2010s, following his relationship and marriage to internet sensation Colleen Ballinger
• After the couple's divorce, Evans received a lot of flak and negative comments, and started posting clickbait videos referencing his ex-wife
• He reconnected with childhood friend Pamela Rodriguez in 2017, married her the following year, and has released his debut extended play (EP) as a solo artist, called “Seasons”.


Who is Joshua David Evans?

Joshua David Evans was born on 5 April 1984, in Macon, Georgia, USA, and is a YouTube personality, best known for his JoshuaDTV, which serves as a vlog channel. He posts videos on challenges, social issues, music, and many others. He rose to fame in the early 2010s, following his relationship and marriage to internet sensation Colleen Ballinger. The fallout from that marriage proved to be controversial, though his popularity remained.

The Riches of Joshua David Evans

As of early-2020, Joshua David Evans has a net worth estimated to be over $500,000, earned largely through a successful career on YouTube.

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Apart from his online work, he’s also pursuing a career in music as the lead vocalist of the band Cat’s Pajamas, and a member of the YouTube boy band The Shadows, alongside Julien Solomita and Arnold Telegaarta in the band.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Joshua David grew up the middle of three children, raised by their parents in Macon; at a young age, he aspired to pursue a career in the music industry. After matriculating from high school, he enrolled at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), located in New York and Los Angeles, and known for its specialization in the fields of the performing arts.

After completing his education, Joshua then formed the band Cat’s Pajamas, a musical project that never really took off. In 2008, he discovered the website YouTube which at around the time was just starting to gain popularity online. The website is now one of the highest-traffic sites on the internet, which allows users to share videos with the public which can be viewed, rated, commented on, and more. The website allows users to earn advertising revenue through views and interactions with each video. The success of YouTube and the subsequent success of many of its content creators, known as YouTubers, has helped in building today’s internet culture.

Joshua David Evans

Creating Content and Colleen Ballinger

Initially, Evans’ online content focused more on comedic performances, doing comedy sketch performances and various vids for the entertainment of his few followers. As his popularity grew, he started to give updates on his life and showcased it through vlogs. He also used the platform to share his music, posting covers of several popular songs at the time.

What elevated his online status was when he met a more popular YouTube Colleen Ballinger. The couple met in 2009, but it wasn’t until three years later that the two hit it off.

Colleen became popular through the creation of the online character Miranda Sings, which would eventually become a one-woman comedy act as she toured around the world. Miranda is a satire of YouTubers who don’t have singing talent, but post videos online in hopes of making it big in show business. She is depicted as talentless, eccentric and egotistical. The character’s fame grew so much that Ballinger produced a Netflix series called “Haters Back Off”, which continued to build on her reputation in comedy and acting. The show focused on the origins and family life of Miranda.

Relationship and Rise to Fame

After Joshua David and Colleen began dating in 2012, his popularity surged. His viewer count and fan base grew exponentially after the couple made their relationship public. In response to all of this attention, he began posting content daily as a vlogger, due to a lot of his followers being interested in Colleen’s life behind the scenes.

Soon the couple became an example of an apparently ideal couple or a relationship goal, with their photos, blogs, and seemingly happy relationship envied by many of their fans. Joshua’s increasing online fame also led him to become acquainted with other YouTubers, resulting in the creation of The Shadows, and their sole single “Vlog with Me”.

He also used the platform to continue to promote his music. In 2015 the couple announced their engagement, and they married just a few months later in California. Many thought that it was the dream wedding and dream relationship they’d always wanted.

Fallout and Criticisms

After a year of marriage, Evans and Ballinger’s relationship quickly turned for the worst. The two couldn’t maintain their blissful relationship once they were married, and the couple announced that they were getting a divorce. Many of Ballinger’s followers quickly turned on Joshua, and sided with the more popular star. Evans received a lot of flak and negative comments, with some of his strongest haters bullying him online.

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He received death threats as well as hurtful comments, and his mental health started spiraling. Under pressure, he released a video on YouTube that was later deleted, though some people still saved the video on their computers. In the video, he was supposedly going to talk about the truth, but it ended up to be ramblings of a very stressed man, lashing out on all of his haters, and blaming other YouTubers whom he says turned their back on him as soon as they broke up. He didn’t mention any names throughout the rant.

His actions didn’t help him either, as to maintain his strong view count, he started to post clickbait videos referencing his ex-wife, as if the two were still collaborating.

He was criticized for using the relationship to gain money, an accusation that rang throughout their relationship, though this time was heard by a much larger crowd.

Moving On

As months passed, Joshua David’s channel transitioned from hateful and desperate, to more accepting of the events that occurred to him. He began talking about his life with his viewers more openly, and expressing how difficult it was to go through a divorce, especially with a relationship that had lasted for some years. Colleen never talked about their relationship after their divorce, and focused on her growing career.


In 2017, he reconnected with childhood friend Pamela Rodriguez, and the following year they became engaged, and married just a few months later. Ballinger, on the other hand, met actor Erik Stocklin while working on the show “Haters Back Off”. The two married after dating for nearly a year, and they have a child together.

Joshua David continues to post content, with many of his followers sympathetic with what he went through over the years. He now collaborates with his wife in many videos. He’s also released his debut extended play (EP) as a solo artist, called “Seasons”.

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