• AJ Lapray is a former basketball player who has become a famous YouTuber sharing basketball skills, tricks and tips with hundreds of thousands of fans.
• He grew up in a large family with five siblings who were all active in sports.
• He attended Sprague High School and the University of Oregon, Pepperdine University and Rice University.
• He began his YouTube channel in 2011 and since then has become a star.
• He is married to Symone Sullivan and the couple will be celebrating their love with their wedding ceremony on the 30th August 2020.


Who is AJ Lapray?

A talented basketball player who aspired to become the new NBA star, but hs professional career was cut short due to an ongoing hip injury, and instead he chose a different career path, and is now a famous YouTuber, who has implemented and combined his skills with YouTube videos. He now shares basketball skills, tricks and tips with hundreds of thousands of fans.

Aj Lapray Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Samson Angelo Jay Lapray in Corvallis, Oregon USA, the son of Sam and his wife Sarah.

He grew up in a large family of five siblings – Camala, Maci, Jaryn and Alleluia are his brothers and sisters. The whole family is active in sports, and he has some cousins who were members of the BYU football team. He went to Sprague High School in Salem, Oregon USA, where he started playing basketball. He was one of the better players on tcourt, leading the team to the state playoffs during his senior year, in which he averaged 17 points per game.

University Career

Following his matriculation, AJ sent the letter of commitment to the University of Oregon, where he spent his first season. In his rookie year as a shooting guard for the University basketball team, the Oregon Ducks, AJ couldn’t find a place and played in just two games. After the year ended, he moved to Pepperdine University where his playing time increased, and he used the chance he received, as his numbers increased, playing in 18 games and set his record of nine points scored.

AJ Lapray

He started having problems with a hip injury, and continued to struggle with it until ending his playing career. He remained at Pepperdine for another year, during which he missed more games than he played, appearing in only 14 games averaging 2.9 points per game and 1.3 reboundsm and repeating his career-high with nine points in  game.

Before ending his career, AJ spent a season at Rice University, where he played in 10 games during which he averaged 9.1 points per game.

This was his best season, but due to an ongoing injury, he had to retire, and become focused on other matters.

YouTube Popularity

AJ started his YouTube channel in 2011, and began uploading basketball videos as his career was developing – he has videos from high school to his last year of the university. As he acquired a decent number of followers, he started uploading different kinds of videos, such as pranks and challenges, but also informative ones, such as the best cars in Malibu.

He also showed to his fans the real house from the popular TV series “Three and a Half Men”. He combined basketball videos with other topics that interested him, which began his path to stardom.

Rise to Stardom

Realizing that his professional basketball career would be non-existent, AJ still continued making videos related to basketball, with tips and tricks and a dose of humor, attracting thousands of new followers to his official channel. He played basketball with amateur players while being disguised as a nerd with some of his friends from college, and the video became his most popular online, with over 16 million views.

He attracted more attention after the video and his popularity went through the roof. Since then, AJ has made several other similar videos that include him and his friends playing basketball as nerds, including the 15 million viewed video in which he exposes the trash-talking strangers in basketball, among numerous others. He has achieved world popularity thanks to his wisdom, skills, and knowledge about basketball.

AJ Lapray’s Net Worth, Height, Weight and Appearance

AJ has found his calling in basketball, and combining his basketball skills and the recent trends in social media, he has accumulated a decent following on YouTube, which has contributed to his wealth.

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Surces now estimate AJ Lapray’s net worth to be around $300,000 as of mid- 2020, but that  he’s estimated to earn around $1,500 per day from his YouTube channel, thanks to more than 300,000 views per day.

AJ was a shooting guard on his university teams, standing at 6ft 5ins (1.96m) tall, while he weighs approximately 190lbs ~ 86kgs. He is recognized for his wavy long light brown hair, and his hazel eyes.

AJ Lapray Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single, Married? E

AJ is a married man; his wife’s name is Symone Sullivan, and the couple shared the story of how they met in 2015, in one of many of AJ’s videos, when AJ transferred to the university Symone attended.

Since then, the couple has grown a strong bond, and will be celebrating their love with their wedding ceremony on the 30th August 2020. They don’t have children.

AJ Lapray News, Facts

AJ in his short career at Oregon managed to get on the top 100 scoring list, and he is now in 68th place. AJ has built his fame on YouTube with over 700,000 subscribers, and around 120 million views, so he’s a basketball star, though in a different way. He was undrafted at the 2018 NBA Draft and didn’t play basketball for any professional team. Nevertheless, he’s found a way to cash in on his talents.

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