• Adrienne Elrod is a television personality, network contributor and political strategist with an estimated net worth of over $1.5 million.
• She was inspired to work in the political field by her family connections with Bill and Hillary Clinton.
• She has held various positions in politics, including working for the Clinton presidential campaigns and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
• She is a regular contributor for NBC News and hosts the podcast "The Electables".
• She is passionate about politics and is highly critical of Donald Trump's presidency.


Who is Adrienne Elrod?

Adrienne Kimbro Elrod was born on 20 June 1976, in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA. She is a television personality, network contributor and political strategist, best known for her work with NBC News. She’s also appeared on political programs for other major networks such as CNN, Fox News, and Fox Business. Before her television career, she was involved in the presidential campaigns of close friend Hillary Clinton.

The Wealth of Adrienne Elrod

As of early-2020, Adrienne Elrod’s net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million, earned through success in her various endeavors. She earns money as a part of her television work and also owns a communications firm, together responsible for the large bulk of her wealth.

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Early Life and Education

From a young age, Adrienne was inspired to work in the political field as her parents were close friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Her mother who worked as an attorney became close friends with Hillary, as the two were a few of the female attorneys at that time. Her father, on the other hand, knew Bill, as the two went to the same college together.

These family friends helped shed more light onto the political world for her. She eventually attended Siloam Springs High School, which is the only one that serves their county. After matriculating, she took up a degree in journalism, moving to Fort Worth, Texas to enroll at Texas Christian University (TCU).

The university has been running since 1873, and is governed primarily by the Disciples of Christ. Following the completion of her degree, her family connections quickly led her into a very deep part of the political sphere, as she became a part of the administration of then-President Bill Clinton. She worked as an executive assistant serving under the president, for Intergovernmental Affairs.

Political Career

After some time she was promoted to a special assistant in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Her position meant that she worked with then-Secretary Andrew Cuomo, on programs that helped regulate and control gun ownership in the country.

The impeachment of Clinton meant the end of her run in the government as well, but she remained connected.

She returned to Kansas and became a member of the Arkansas Democratic Party. During this time, she served as the communications director of the party, helping several candidates including Mark Pryor who ran a successful senatorial campaign. During this time, she looked into political consulting, and worked for a local firm located in Little Rock. However, she only stayed in this position for a brief time as she was contacted by Representative Mike Ross to serve as a communications director.

She moved back to Washington DC and served there for over a year, but during this time she took a break from work to help with the campaign of Representative Nick Lampson, in his bid to be a Representative of Texas.

Building Experience and Continued Campaign Work

After this work, she joined the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, assigned as their regional press secretary. Her position meant that she had to travel across the country, working with various Democratic candidates for office, and was one of the key figures in the large-scale Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives in 2007. The following year she became the Deputy Chief of Staff of Florida Representative Ron Klein, helping with many of his planned policies.

Adrienne Elrod

Her achievements didn’t go unnoticed, as she was featured in an article by “Politico”, detailing her work. Her next big project was the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2008, for which she served in numerous positions including Press Secretary and Communications Director. After Clinton opted out of the race, she then moved to work with one of Hillary’s companies, Correct the Record. She also worked for American Bridge, and these two companies were responsible for reporting correct news, in turn, defending against the many allegations against Clinton from her political rivals. While doing so, she also became a part of the team of Loretta Sanchez, who served as a Congresswoman for California.

Recent Projects

Elrod was a part of Clinton’s second and bigger presidential campaign, which saw her match up against Donald Trump. Elrod was the Director of Strategic Communications for the Hillary for America campaign, overseeing their operations and the movements of the many people involved in the campaign. She was responsible for promoting her campaign on various platforms, enlisting the help of influencers and celebrities.

After failing to capture the presidency, she moved to the private sector where she established the communications firm, Elrod Strategies. She now works with various clientele, ranging from social media personalities, corporations, and other organizations.

Concurrently, she’s been highly critical of Donald Trump, often participating in movements against him. Her tenure also led her to be contacted by news companies, and she’s appeared as a commentator on many TV programs. In 2019, she was signed by the news network NBC, and made her first appearance in the program “Hardball with Chris Matthews”. Since then, she has been a regular part of the network, working as a contributor.

She also has a podcast called “The Electables”, which she hosts alongside Doug Thornell.

Personal Life

Adrienne is married, though she declines to talk about any details regarding her partner or their relationship. It is not known if they have any children as she is a private person, managing to keep a separation between life and work even with her very public career.

Even away from work, she is very passionate about politics, and follows the political sphere not only for work but also personal interest. She has recently been taking an interest in upcoming presidential candidates in the US as election season once again draws near. She remains highly critical of Donald Trump’s presidency, often mirroring the sentiments of many anti-Trump analysts and journalists.

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